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to bring you this late-breaking news:  Brandon Wright has dislocated the same shoulder that he dislocated last year. This is terrible news for Wright: this was his contract year, and coming off last year’s lost season, everyone was looking for him to have a breakout year.  The early indications out of training camp were very promising.  Wright had put on 10-15 lbs. of muscle, and given interviews announcing a new determination to focus on defense and rebounding.  Don Nelson noticed the difference, saying Wright was not only his best power forward in training camp, but his best player.  And Nelson had just announced that the Warriors intended to pick up Wright’s option for a fourth year.  Very sad.

I’m guessing Wright will need surgery on his shoulder in order to continue his career.  The good news is Chris Webber had the same surgery early in his career, and never suffered from the same problem again.  Hopefully, Wright will have the same good fortune going forward.

As for the Warriors, this unfortunately leaves them with a hole at power forward for, what, the fifth straight year?  Hopefully, Nellie will go right out and secure the team a serviceable backup to Randolph…  is Rob Kurz still available?  (Just kidding.  I think.)  If not, I’m guessing Turiaf will get more minutes at the 4, with Moore being used to backup Biedrins.  Or, as I’ve already speculated, Devean George will pick up a big chunk of time at the 4, and the Warriors will revert to small-ball when Randolph is on the bench.  Which also means we shouldn’t forget Corey Maggette, who filled in at the 4 last year.  I’m guessing  he’s not too thrilled by this development.

Will the Warriors still pick up Wright’s option?  I think its doubtful now. Brandan Wright has gone from trade-bait as a promising young player to trade-bait as an expiring contract.  Overnight.

Update:  From Rusty Simmon’s article at SFGate:

Nelson said the team will most likely have to play small while Wright is out, using 6-foot-6 Corey Maggette as the backup power forward. The Warriors can also use Mikki Moore, who was brought in through free agency for depth at center.

“It’s really a tough one,” Maggette said.

LOL.  That’s the quote, I kid you not.

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