Warriors 108 Clippers 101 : Quick Takes

Not quite a recap, as I couldn’t watch the game, but listened on radio.   Still found a few things worth noting.

First Quarter

Turiaf not available, sore knee.

As I predicted, Azubuike starts at the 2, not Morrow or Curry, despite the looks Nellie is giving them in training camp.

And right out of the gate, Buike draws a charge on Baron Davis.  Barnett:  “According to Keith Smart, KA has been one of the two top defenders in training camp.”

Baron Davis’ 1st quarter stats: 4pts on 2-7, 1 ass., 2 to’s.  THAT is why KA is the starter for Don Nelson.

Oh, and by the way, KA’s 1 quarter stats: 7 pts. on 3-6, 5 rb, 1 bs.

3:00 1st quarter, PICK AND ROLL MONTA/BIEDRINS.  The first of hundreds to be unleashed on the league this year.  Unguardable.

00:32 1st quarter, Anthony Randolph leads the 2 on 1 fast break, gets KA a layup at 00:30, preserving the 2 for 1.

Randolph’s 1st quarter:  0-5, but 4 DEFENSIVE rbs, 2 assists, 2 bs.  Warriors outrebound Clips 13-10.   THAT’S what we need.

Second Quarter

It takes the The Blackhole (CM) all of 49 seconds to get to the line.

He then draws a charge at PF.  Yes, Nellie has gone small.  Will CM accept this, or will he go all Al Harrington upside Nellie’s head by midseason?

Anthony Morrow in, Kareem Rush hits 2 straight 3s, then Ricky Davis hits one.  Coincidence?

Morrow retaliates with a 3 pt. barrage of his own, on several feeds from Stephen Curry.

Curry to Morrow 2 point buzzer beater.  One thing is now obvious.  Nellie has picked up the scent of something juicy: CURRY AND MORROW MUST BE ON THE FLOOR TOGETHER AT ALL TIMES.  Curry knows how to get him the ball.

Curry’s 2nd Q stats: 2 pts., 6 assists, 0 turnovers, 3 steals.

WOW.  Just preseason, but these are the first indications of a BASKETBALL PLAYER.

Morrow’s 2nd Q stats: 15 pts on 6-8 (3-5 3s), 0 rb, 0 ass.   Not too shabby either.  At the end of this season, he should buy Curry an Escalade.

Second Half

I apologize for the drop-off in my second half observations.  My video-addicted ADD brain wandered a lot…

Stephen Curry:  Poor shooting, but 9 assists and 5 steals.  I ask you, how does a rookie get those kind of assist and steal numbers in his first, albeit preseason, NBA game?  This kid has a special kind of basketball intelligence, and I think we’re going to have a lot of fun watching him this season.

Morrow lights out.  Again:  Stephen Curry, Escalade.

Morrow also made a couple of plays, including a nice upfake, drive and dish to KA for a layup.  He couldn’t do that last year.  From the post-game interview: “Nellie wanted me to work on this.  I’m more comfortable with the ball in my hands this year.”

In the 3rd Q, Maggette grabbed an offensive rebound and putback, closely followed by drawing another charge, prompting Barnett to comment:  “Maggette is working hard in the 4 spot.”   Say what you want about Maggette, and a lot of Warriors fans aren’t crazy about him, but he’s a tough and hardworking dude, and a very talented basketball player.

Mikki Moore appears deadly from 15-17 ft.  Nellie will make use of this talent.  Another reason why the non-shooter Brandan Wright caught a bad break:  MM is a player he could have paired with in the frontcourt to good effect.

Who is DeAndre Jordan?  He laid a Hilton Armstrong on the Ws.  And it WASN’T Brandan Wright’s fault.

Not KA’s best shooting night, but a terrific all-around game starting with his defense and rebounding (10).  Barnett: “KA is not flashy, but he gets it done.  He fills up the stat sheet.”

Barnett on Randolph:  Don’t expect him to be a superstar this year.  He needs at least one more year.  But eventually “Randolph is going to be a Chris Bosh type player.”  Hmmmm…

Very mediocre game from Monta in limited minutes.  Preplanned?  Taking it easy, or worrisome?

6 Responses to Warriors 108 Clippers 101 : Quick Takes

  1. Nice coverage Feltbot. No TV or Radio for the Wednesday game…what to do?

    Gotta be happy about SC’s 9 assists. You would think the shooting will come around eventually.

  2. Nice recap Felty. I was driving back from Fresno today and had the pleasure of listening to the game on KNBR. When the Warriors had Biedrins and Randolph in there the rebounding was solid as well as the interior defense. They forced lots of jumpers. We were exposed by Jordan a little bit going small but I am definitely intrigued by the second unit.

    SC, KA, AM, CM and Biedrins (followed by Moore). It’s clear Curry isn’t going to be the scoring dynamo he was in college, but his basketball IQ is going to be put to use getting his teammates involved and reading passes on D. 9 assists and 5 steals is a great indicator. Can you imagine what Curry feels like being out on the court with the scorers in the second unit? It may be the first time in his career he has that many weapons at his disposal. He ran the team very well and was adept and pushing the ball and hitting the various, open three point specialists. The second unit could be dangerous this year, they can go small to really go for it on offense or bring in Turiaf and Moore to slow it up and defend.

    The Warriors finally have a TEAM again and not a bunch of individuals. This was very encouraging, as was watching the Niners D score three TD’s today. Finally a good day for Bay Area sports.


  3. Thanks for the game story, well done Feltbot. Keep it up. I was not able to watch or listen so you gave me the next best thing. I appreciate it.

  4. I went to the game today and I must say the Warriors looked pretty good tonight. If Nellie can have set roles for each player on the team with a set starting unit, and a set 2nd unit; this team can surprise a lot of people.

    Some of my thoughts from the game…
    * Stephan Curry is going to be really good in a couple of years.
    * Anthony Randolph is still raw, but boy oh boy if he can get it all together he will be something special…
    * Jackson still loses the ball the traffic, still goes up for that quick 3, and still has that fiery temper…(or should I call it “passion”?)
    * Morrow has a gift with that shooting ability of his… If he can get the ball for that open 3 he will be a scoring machine. He’s not just a shooter either. He can play basket ball.
    * I agree with Jim Barnett when he said Maggette works hard. Corey drew some offensive fouls, got to the line and really tried to defend.
    * Kelenna Azubuike might surprise some people this year. He seems to be more in control of his game. The biggest improvement has to be his DEFENSE. He has made huge strides in the defensive department. I was extremely impressed. He played a lot of minutes. I thought he’d run out of gas (which maybe he did a little bit), but he had his legs beneath him.
    *Monta didn’t seem as “active” or “lively” as he usually is…He was a bit quiet.
    * Andris was Andris. He was effective. He was solid all around.
    * Pruitt… He’s a big, tall body… He seemed a bit slow, and didn’t seem to be a great rebounder. BUT he can shoot the free throw.
    * Mikki Moore can shoot from outside. He can also pass a little, too. If used at the right times during the game he can be a weapon for Don Nelson.

    I hope I didn’t forget anyone… Sorry for the long comment, just wanted to share my feelings about the game and the players’ contributions.

  5. This type of post is a big help for those of us in the Hinterland. Thanks.

  6. Was at the game. Aside from the 10 minute f-bomb filled argument two rows in front of me between a black dude and white chick who apparently had some kind of fight about their seats, it was pretty good. Was cringing seeing the two children watching the whole scene…

    Andris has improved his footwork and tried a very smooth-looking jumphook a few times – went in once, but at least didn’t make you gag at at its awkwardness.

    Yeah MM’s shooting was ridiculous. Could definitely help pairing him w/Randolph to move some opposing big men away from the basket.

    What happened to Turiaf? Didn’t play, not sure if I even saw him.