Banned from Kawakami’s Blog


Tim Kawakami has apparently BANNED me from his blog.  I am no longer able to post my thoughts there.  I can only assume that this is in reaction to the piece I wrote on him here.

Isn’t it fascinating that a journalist who earns his living by reporting and fomenting ill-will and misery could have such a thin skin himself? Isn’t there a delicious irony in the fact that TK is censoring the voices of his readers?

Censored by a journalist who holds himself out as a fearless truth-teller, and an enemy of censorship.  Amazing.

3 Responses to Banned from Kawakami’s Blog

  1. Good! I was sick and tired of having to scroll past your long winded brain to keyboard diarrhea.

  2. I guess I’ll be going to for all my warrior info now!!

  3. I was also banned from TK’s blog for saying he was biased. I am free to post at Marcus Thompson’s blog though which is where I will be.