Kawakami reinstates me.

Kawakami has emailed me out of the blue with the news that I am once again allowed to post on his blog, and with the explanation that I was blocked by the spam filter for including a link in my post.  For reasons of etiquette, I have chosen not to publish his email to me, nor my response.

I find his explanation somewhat curious, as I had no problem initially posting with a link some days ago, and was able to post again for some time after that with no problem.   I have no way of knowing the truth about this, but I will accept him at his word.

What I am certain of is that my rapid reinstatement had something to do with the reaction of several posters on his blog to the news of my banishment.  Many of them know me as a frequent poster on Adam Lauridsen’s blog.  Thanks for the support guys!

Two of my posts that were previously blocked (one a simple test to see whether I was still blocked) are now appearing on his Monta Ellis piece, but the initial post this morning that related his Ellis piece to the modus operandi I identified and wrote about here on my blog has apparently been deleted.

So I will spell out here what I was not allowed to spell out on TK’s blog:  It is obvious to me that the “unnamed sources” of TK’s story are people close to Monta Ellis, namely his reps.  It is obvious to me that these reps are actively engaged in positioning Monta in the public eye:  Monta is not the bad guy.  Don Nelson and Robert Rowell and Larry Riley are the bad guy.  And it is obvious to me that TK is knowingly and cynically allowing himself to be used in this way by Monta’s reps in order to peddle newspapers and gain eyeballs.

8 Responses to Kawakami reinstates me.

  1. TK is 10 times the man that you wanna be. On one hand you claimed to accepted his words, then immediately discredit him.

    Cry baby that is what you are.

  2. Do you have a secret crush on TK?

    His explanation is pretty reasonable. I think that you should just include your link in the space provided for “website”. That seems most logical, rather than spewing vitriol over a computer glitch.

    Is Cohan right? Are you really a member of Warriors PR? You act as though Rowell is blameless in all of this.

  3. Basketball for Dummies

    Animal, you came to felbot’s blog to defend Kawakami and you say feltbot has a crush on TK.? Hmmm…It appears to me the one with the man-crush on Kwakakami is you.(no offense)

  4. Hey felty’s on point a lot of the time (like his comments on Brandan Wright), just saying that his obsession w/TK is a little disturbing.

    Just checked out TK’s blog and apparently he posted a long unreadable explanation about his spam filter that I guess was prompted by felty…

  5. Animal, TK’s explanation was kind of reasonable, and I have accepted it on its face. That does not mean I will change my stance regarding the way he practices his profession.

    Now I hope to move on. I’ve made my position on Kawakami clear here, and I don’t think I’ll feel the need to add to what I’ve already written. I have no real interest in writing about franchise dysfunction or politics or gutter journalism. This blog is intended to be about what happens on the court, and I think that’s what you’ll find here going forward.

    But I will keep carrying the battle to TK on his own blog. As he invited me to do in his last email to me.

  6. Tk is an opinionated whiner. Smug and arrogant. I do read his blogs as he is the National Enquirer of Bay Area sports

  7. I call BS on the ban and deletion. If not TK someone at his blog does delete posts if you criticize his bias.