Lakers 118 Warriors 101

Not a lot to say about this game, so I won’t.  First a little something for the haters out there, who are going to try to make a mountain out of this game:  The Warriors played this game without Monta Ellis, Azubuike, Turiaf, Wright and Watson.  Half of their rotation.  They had zero chance of playing a competitive game against Memphis, let alone the Lakers, on the road, in a meaningless preseason game.

Which is not to say those players would have given the Warriors a chance to win.  This Lakers team, with the addition of Ron Artest, is going to present the league with one of the most dominant defenses ever seen in league history.  The length and athleticism of their frontcourt, combined with all-NBA defenders Artest and Bryant, will be absolutely impenetrable for all but the best teams in the league.  They will make solid playoff teams look like JV squads, and they will cut through this league like the proverbial hot knife through butter.  It should not be a surprise they made this young Warriors skeleton squad look foolish.

So lets hold off for now on the doomsaying, and not read too much into this shellacking.  I’m even going to take my own medicine, and bite my tongue about what I think this game showed about the difference between Kelenna Azubuike and Anthony Morrow.

Just a few other quick notes:

Randolph got pushed around a bit.  Those who hoped he would have fully grown into his body by now will have to wait another year or two.  Still, 12 rebounds and 4 blocks very respectable.  Loved  the shocker from behind on Kobe.

On offense, his outside shot looked a lot better.  I think we will see a lot of it this year.  He also showed at least one move I hadn’t seen before:  a post-up on the left box leading to a running 8 footer in the lane.  Nice.

The Lakers made a point of pressuring Stephen Curry, and it resulted in him picking up his dribble in awkward spots, and turning it over 6 times.  Young fella has quite a ways to go, which is to be expected.  Still, the promise is evident.

I left Shannon Brown out of my Lakers/Spurs analysis, which may prove to be a mistake.  He can give the Lakers a strong defensive presence at the point, which is currently their Achilles heel on defense.  I would not be at all surprised to see him beat out Farmar before the end of the season.  I’m going to revisit this thought when considering a Spurs pre-season bet.

2 Responses to Lakers 118 Warriors 101

  1. Thanks for your comment to the haters. For some reason perspective is hard for some people. Your comment comparing Az and Morrow has started me mentally comparing the two. You seem to be hitting the nail on the head more often than not, so am looking forward to your comparison.

  2. It’s good to get additional analysis from someone that actually watched the game. Thanks for filling in the blanks on Randolph. I’m more curious about how the Goose/Randolph front line handled Bynum/Gasol/Odom. Bynum seemed to pile up the points in the first quarter, was that mostly at Biedrins expense?

    On another note, Finally! A substantive post that’s not primarily about me, myself and I. That’s using your noggin Feltbot! The best part of the blog is your take on the team, not your expression of your opinion of yourself. Don’t fall into the Meir/Kawakami trap and fall in love with the mirror. Keep up the substantive posts and follow Adam’s example.