Clippers 124 Warriors 117

I missed the game.  When your girlfriend is taking you out to a fine restaurant on your birthday, it’s pretty tough to say, “But honey, it’s a pre-season game against the Clippers!”

A couple of things stand out from the box score:      

Mr. Anthony Randolph:  Looks like Smart (or most likely Nellie through Smart) yanked his chain.  It could be the 3 early fouls.  I also think it might have something to do with Randolph needing to find his role in the offense.  If you want to know what I mean, check out the play at around 7:30 of the 3rd quarter against the Suns, where he waved Monta Ellis off (and props to the Lauridsen blog poster whose name I forget who pointed me to this).  Monta wasn’t pleased.  That’s not what you do to the leader of the team.  Randolph is an extraordinary talent who can use some extra touches, but he has to be careful to take his offense within the context of the team.  Uncle Nellie will help him find that line.

Speaking of Monta Ellis:  It appears that the kiddie time portion of the preseason is being scaled back, and its time to get the starters worked in.  Good to see Monta get some real burn.  The high turnovers indicate the point guard project is a work in progress.  Anyone notice some pick and roll with Biedrins?  That’s the play I’m really looking forward to.

Azubuike:  I don’t need to see the game to know his ankle sprain is bothering him.  His line speaks for itself.  It really sucks that the Warriors are once again playing short-handed.  When oh when will it end, O Lord?

Stephen Jackson:  Anyone who doubts his worth to the Warriors (when possessed of his right mind), and the worth of Azubuike as well, should compare the lines of Baron Davis and Eric Gordon in this game to their lines in the first game.  Losing Stephen Jackson would create a defensive hole in this team the effect of which is incalculable.

The Black Hole:  The most maligned Warrior on the roster (after Jackson)  just happens to be one of the most efficient wing scorers in the league.  Maggette shot an effective 10-12 from the field, or 83%.  Whatever you think of him, or how he wound up on this team, or his contract, you must deal with those numbers first if you’re determined to badmouth him.

CJWatson:  I’m not ashamed to say I like CJ, and its good to see him back on the court.  And not simply because we’re once again back to a 7 man roster.

And saving the obvious best for last,

CHOCOLATE RAIN:  It’s almost embarrassing to mention Maggette’s efficiency in the face of this line.  Wow.  Sometimes you get the feeling there’s something a little extra-terrestrial about Anthony Morrow’s shot.  Has any human being ever been able to shoot like this?  Is this a case for the Men in Black?

And then there’s the rest of his line: 5 rbs, nice, 4 assists, VERY NICE (he really needs to add playmaking to his game).

But 4 steals and 2 BS!  What!??  What’s up with that?  Something tells me that Coach Smart played Mr. Morrow at the 4 again.  Right?

The only things remotely human about Anthony Morrow are his foot-speed and defense.  If any coach in this league can find a place to hide Morrow on the defensive end of the court,  it is Crazy Nellie.

Can you smell what the Don is cooking?

5 Responses to Clippers 124 Warriors 117

  1. Randolph actually took a spill when Baron blocked him, possibly a bruised back or tailbone. That’s why he left the game most likely

  2. Wow, you analyzed the game based on stats?? You are god

  3. Ok, thanks Drew, maybe that was it. But I hate to think what effect this will have on Ty’s opinion of me….

  4. feltbot- you have a good blog and i like your analysis for the most part

  5. Thanks Ty, appreciate it.