Waiting for Stephen Jackson

The Stephen Jackson purgatory watch continues, with a meeting between Jackson, Riley and Nelson scheduled for tomorrow.  A few links from around the league on the Jackson situation:      

Way down towards  the bottom, Marcus Thompson concedes the unlikely possibility that the Warriors might still need Jackson on the court.

Marc Stein confirms that Jackson’s discontent can be traced to the break down of the Amare Stoudemire deal.  In other words, the Stephen Curry draft.

Jackson opens up about about his current feelings toward Coach Don Nelson.  This may come as a shock to many.  And how did the Sacramento Bee get this quote, and not Tim Kawakami?  (Edit:  These quotes were made BEFORE the Lakers blow-up.  My bad.)

Nellie to Steve Kerr:  “Nuts.”  Alvin Gentry tells Stephen Curry that the Suns were salivating over getting him in the Stoudemire deal.

Banishment to Tinsleyland?  Matt Steinmetz with an interesting take on possible consequences of Jackson’s actions.

3 Responses to Waiting for Stephen Jackson

  1. “current feelings”?! nice mislead on the Jackson quotes. last Tuesday, for those who bother to quibble with details, and in warriors world, yes, significant changes do 6-7 days make. always intriguing how passive-aggressive the warriors leadership is. you almost need Tim Roth at all media sessions reading eye twitches and body language.

  2. Oops! good catch, derezee. I will attempt to correct the error.

  3. Jackson and Kelenna (and maybe Law) for Josh Howard. Is there a better deal to be made to get out of this? Hmmmm…