Hot Links and Flap-Jacks

A few links from around the league:

Is anyone considering the possibility that Jackson will wind up not going anywhere?  And did Don Nelson steal this draft? Ron Artest with positive takes on Jackson and Stephen Curry.    

Trying to find positive things to say about Stephen Jackson is not going to make me popular, but I love him as a player, in the same way I loved Rodman, and love Artest, two of Jackson’s future co-members in the self-destructive wing-nut hall of fame.  This is one of the things I love about him: how many players in the league are willing to say in print that they consider themselves on the same level as Kobe Bryant?  Its not about whether its true or not, its about that insane attitude that takes the court.  That insane winning attitude.

In that same post a great pic and a great call by Marcus Thompson:  Baron Davis v. Anthony Randolph =  Ali-Liston! Also an interesting confirmation from Nellie of something I have been suspecting:  Monta Ellis is out of shape.

A couple other reasons I’m sceptical of the new-look Mavs: Howard’s ankle and Marion’s legs.

Update:  Poor Matt Barnes is back to playing power forward.  And oh yes,  he weighs in on good buddy Stephen Jackson.

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  1. Gerald McGrew

    That’s why we can probably make Jackson, Azubuike, and maybe Law for Josh Howard. Again, not a great deal, but might be the best deal to be had.