Breakfast Links

Stephen Jackson is going to have to do worse than this to force himself off the Warriors.  Don Nelson is trying his hardest to fold him back into the team.  He expounded yesterday on Jackson on Ralph and Tom’s show on KNBR.  You can probably listen to the whole thing at the KNBR site,  but the Chron produced a nice summary.  

Also noted was that Nellie is leaning towards starting Morrow.  I think this may be an after-effect of the Brandan Wright injury.  Morrow has made tremendous strides, but Nellie also needs to reserve Azubuike for minutes on the front line.  It will be interesting to see how adept (and willing) Monta and Jackson will be at getting Morrow his shots.

Could “doggy” Eric Dampier be primed for a good year?  It’s his contract year, and he “guesses” the main thing is winning.

Why the Warriors had zero interest in Ramon Sessions:  “Sessions has a bad jumper he doesn’t trust.” And it appears he’ll be splitting time with rookie Johnny Flynn.

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