Pre-game Links

Stephen Jackson talks.  Again.  Nothing new, except a futher indication that Jackson is resigning himself to remaining a Warrior for this year, or as long as it takes to find a trade.  Tonight’s game will provide some insight into the approach he decides to take going forward.  I may be the last fan standing in the Bay Area who legitimately hopes the Warriors manage to keep Jackson.  If this team gets off to a hot start, and contends for the playoffs, I don’t think that’s as unlikely as it appears at the moment.  Winning can be a remarkable cure.

Great original take on the Warriors and Don Nelson.  I don’t agree with all of it, but I recognize the validity of this perspective, and enjoy the writing.  It’s a pity we can’t find more pieces like this in sports journalism, as opposed to the garbage produced by Kawakami and the lazy dullards who lean on him for a living (like that hack Wojnarowski at Yahoo).

Acie Law is making an impression on Don Nelson, and looks like he will get some play as another small-ball piece.  Contrary to what many think, Nellie prizes defensive ability in his wing players, and the tough defense Law has been showing will earn him court time.  That and his passing ability could make him a Nellie favorite.  But can he shoot?  And whose playing time will suffer as a result?  CJ Watson seems the likeliest candidate.

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  1. Cannot agree at all with the “great original take.” Just one sentence among many that makes no sense: “Finally, there’s Anthony Morrow, as deadly a lock-and-load three-point shooter as you’ll find, should be a favorite of Nellie’s but instead is one of his favorites to keep on the bench.” Could this be more out of touch?