Kings 101 Warriors 94

I missed the game, not being able to find the usual internet links.  Anyone see it?

Again flying blind, but I do have some thoughts looking at the box score:

Stephen Jackson

The number one story, obviously, is Stephen Jackson.  Nellie played him all 48, which is interesting.  First of all, of course, because he managed to keep from getting tossed out of the game and suspended.  Secondly, because Nellie didn’t give him a blow.  I’m guessing this was for conditioning, Jackson having missed a day or two.  We’ll find out, as I’m sure the latrine-stirrers will be all over this like flies. 

Jackson’s line was fine: 22,7 and 4 with 2 steals.  Similar to what we’ve come to expect from him.  His shooting 6-19, unfortunately, is also what we’ve come to expect from him.  He needs a better percentage, or fewer shots.  I noticed Morrow didn’t get many shots up playing in the first unit with Ellis and Jackson.   That’s a concern.

One indication Jackson wasn’t totally engaged: only 1 personal foul.  On the other hand, the player he was matched against, Desmond Mason went 1-8.  That’s Stephen Jackson.

Monta Ellis

Is it too soon to be worried that Monta Ellis will never be the player he once was?  I hate looking at a 4-17 line from a player who once shot 60% for a month.  Equally concerning is that he got 4 shots blocked and never got to the line.

Anthony Morrow

Monta Ellis and Stephen Jackson, who got up 17 and 19 shots respectively, only created 5 shots for Morrow.  Since we all know Morrow is on the floor solely for his offense, this just won’t work.  There’s no way of knowing if Monta and Jackson were simply taking the opportunity to work on their own games in the preseason, or if this is an indication of a lack of chemistry or an agenda.  Another story line in a season that is starting with a truckload of them.

The Ellis/Morrow backcourt got run over, although the principal offender appears to be Monta.  Kevin Martin went off for 32.  I wonder why everyone is so concerned about an Ellis-Curry backcourt defensively, but very little about an Ellis-Morrow backcourt?  In my mind the latter will be far worse.

Anthony Randolph

I’m leaving the “Mr.” off tonight, because it appears that our second-year man got manhandled by the King’s second-year man.  Jason Thompson, drafted 2 spots ahead of Randolph last year, went for 20 and 20, while Randolph had a quiet 12 and 4.  Sending a message to the new darling of the NBA?  Perhaps.  This will be a fun matchup to watch during the season.

The Blackhole

My pick for the runaway 6th man of the year put up another amazing line, and the kind of line that has become a regularity for him since he changed roles. 28 pts. on 9-11 and 9-9 from the line.  Effective shooting percentage of 87%.  That’s efficient.  He also put up 7 rbs and 2 steals playing PF, presumably, and also 2 assists against 1 TO.  It appears to me that Mr. Blackhole is beginning to thrive in Nellie’s system.

CJ Watson

CJ got his first run of the season, at the expense of AM and Curry’s minutes.  Didn’t show much, as is to be expected in his first games back.  Azubuike was held out, presumably to rest his ankle sprain.

Rony Turiaf

Turiaf was again held out.  Am I the only one upset by the lack of updates on Turiaf’s condition?  How bad is his knee?  Will he be ready for the regular season?  Somebody get on this, pronto!

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  1. Of course it’s just pre-season, and who knows exactly what kinks Nelson was trying to work out in this game, but I, too, am concerned about Morrow not getting points while playing with the first unit. It seemed to me that this was the case last year as well and it occurred to me then that he might have been frozen out by other players. Damn I hope not. This team has enough problems without adding in selfish play.