Permission to speak granted, Private Jackson

How about a positive Stephen Jackson development, that is likely to go underreported by our malicious local press? Jackson is admitting that this Warriors team is better than he thought they’d be, and that his outburst may have been a mistake.  Check it out.  (Skip past the ridiculous Barkley fantasy).

5 Responses to Permission to speak granted, Private Jackson

  1. Nice find Feltbot, yours is probably the only blog where this kind of news will be reported. Keep it up!

  2. Jax made his play to get traded, they called his bluff, and now he knows his place. I think jax also realized that though bloggers think Nellie is a disaster, the old man really does know what he is doing and this team, despite what its “fans” say, have a chance at being good this season.

    As nellie said in his interview last night with Raj, Warriors fans “keep the faith”!!!

  3. I’m not surprised at all. Despite what occasionally comes out of his mouth, I view Jackson as a seasoned professional. What came out of his mouth this time was right after visiting with Al Harrington who probably fed him Al’s year-old point of view which was fresh on Jackson’s mind when he was put on the spot by the media. Now that he’s been around the team (and if his genuine gripe was that he wants to be on a winner) I’m not surprised at this new point of view. Now why did this show up in the Boston media instead of here?

  4. Nice find. In the back of a Boston article on BArkley. Suprise that this get get any ink anywhere else.

    One thing about Jax is that he speaks honestly (too much). Hearing him say that the team is pretty good is nice to hear. I dont think he would be blowing smoke in our face.

  5. I guess it’s encouraging — for now.