Bonus Coverage: Thoughts on Opening Night

Opening night!  I watched the TNT doubleheader.

Celtics 95 Cavs 89: The Cavs had their hearts ripped from their chests and eaten raw in front of their homecourt fans on opening night.  Now they have to play another 81 games with the certain knowledge that they are going nowhere this year.  The Celtics own the East.    

The Shaquille O’Neal signing was simply one more bonehead move in a string made by this franchise.  At this point in his career, Shaq is a huge liability on defense. The Celtics simply tortured him on pick and roll. His huge ego will not allow the Cavs to keep him on the bench in the fourth quarter, when he becomes a huge liability on offense as well.  He is a worse finisher than Dwight Howard now, and a worse free throw shooter.  He bricked another two in the 4th quarter tonight.  And he slows down a Cavs attack that is already one of the slowest in the league.

Speaking of which, is it too early to fire Mike Brown?  He is my runaway pick for the worst coach in the NBA.  Lebron James is in my mind the greatest open-court player who has ever lived.  He combines the speed of Dr. J, the court vision of Magic Johnson, and the power of Karl Malone in one unstoppable player.  And Mike Brown has buried this transcendent talent in the slowest walk-it-up offense in the entire league.  It is an unspeakable crime.

Fire Mike Brown, and throw Danny Ferry in with him, before its too late.  If I were Lebron, I would run, not walk, into the arms of Mike D’Antoni and the New York Knicks.

Lakers 99 Clippers 92: Mike Fratello mentioned that before Griffin got hurt, he had picked the Clippers to make the playoffs.  Score one for feltbot!  The Clippers were surprisingly competitive with the Lakers, despite the absence of Griffin, and a terrible game by Baron Davis, who was completely hobbled by a sprained ankle.  Eric Gordon is a very, very good player, and this is a very deep Clipper team.  Their second unit absolutely destroyed the Lakers second unit.

When Baron Davis and Eric Gordon are both healthy, this is a very dangerous team that may still be in the hunt for a playoff spot.  On the other hand, Baron hasn’t been healthy too often in the last couple of years.

Wizards 102 Mavs 91: I didn’t watch this game, but I wish I did, just to see the look on Mark Cuban’s face.  Like the Cavs, the Mavs lost their home opener on their home court, and know in their hearts their season is hopeless.  Josh Howard will help this team, but not enough to matter.  Gilbert Arenas absolutely torched them, and the Mavs have simply no way to guard him, or Parker, or Monta, or Brooks, or Gordon, or any of the quick small guards in the league. Ever since Mark Cuban traded away Devin Harris for the decrepit Jason Kidd.

The first two Mavs off the bench were Terry and Barea.  Who can they guard?  The third was Drew Gooden.

Drew Gooden?  Mark Cuban is hands-down the worst GM in basketball, and that is really saying something in a league that has GMs like Steve Kerr and Danny Ferry.