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Waiting for Stephen Jackson

The Stephen Jackson purgatory watch continues, with a meeting between Jackson, Riley and Nelson scheduled for tomorrow.  A few links from around the league on the Jackson situation:       Continue reading

Warriors 104 Suns 101

3-1 in the preseason?  Break up the  Warriors!

With about 3 minutes left in the third quarter and the Warriors down by four or five,  Don Nelson went small, with Biedrins at center and Anthony Morrow at power forward(!).  The rest is history.  The Warriors outscored the Suns by 8 in the final period, and cruised to victory.  (That’s for the haters like Adam Lauridsen and Geoff Lepper.  Just couldn’t resist.) Continue reading

Crazy Nellie: The Ellis/Curry Backcourt

“There is no great genius without some insanity.”   –Seneca

This is the introduction to what will be a recurring feature here.  Most of the NBA commentators, journalists and statistics-peddlers around the league think that Don Nelson is batshit crazy.  In the Bay Area, you can adjust that number upward, to close to 100%.  I will credit Scott Ostler for evincing a hint, or an undertone, or perhaps a suspicion, that Nellie is crazy like a fox, but he stands alone.  There is no doubt among the rest of the Bay Area sportswriters that Don Nelson belongs in Maui, under 24 hour lock-down, in the ward for believers in up-tempo basketball (just down the hall from Napolean complexes), in the asylum for the criminally insane. Continue reading

Warriors-Lakers (part deux)

I missed the game.  Not so interested in Jax’s antics, hoping they were directed at the refs, and not the Warriors franchise.

Looks like a great line by Monta.  Anyone care to fill me in as to how he came by his assists?   I have always had the opinion that he can be a dominant point guard, and this certainly looks like a step in the right direction.

The Wild, Wild West: The Warriors

Toward the end of last year, as I observed the unveiling of Anthony Randolph’s transcendent talent, I became convinced that the Warriors were very close to becoming a special team.  I believed that if Monta Ellis returned to health, and to his commitment to this team, and if Nellie added the right big man to fill the Warriors’  hole at power forward, then this team could easily make the playoffs. And even possibly, given what I feel is a steep drop-off behind the Lakers and the Spurs in the West,  do better than the 8th seed.

I am backing off this prediction now, for the following reasons: Continue reading

Lakers 118 Warriors 101

Not a lot to say about this game, so I won’t.  First a little something for the haters out there, who are going to try to make a mountain out of this game:  The Warriors played this game without Monta Ellis, Azubuike, Turiaf, Wright and Watson.  Half of their rotation.  They had zero chance of playing a competitive game against Memphis, let alone the Lakers, on the road, in a meaningless preseason game. Continue reading

Kawakami reinstates me.

Kawakami has emailed me out of the blue with the news that I am once again allowed to post on his blog, and with the explanation that I was blocked by the spam filter for including a link in my post.  For reasons of etiquette, I have chosen not to publish his email to me, nor my response.

I find his explanation somewhat curious, Continue reading

Banned from Kawakami’s Blog


Tim Kawakami has apparently BANNED me from his blog.  I am no longer able to post my thoughts there.  I can only assume that this is in reaction to the piece I wrote on him here.

Isn’t it fascinating that a journalist who earns his living by reporting and fomenting ill-will and misery could have such a thin skin himself? Isn’t there a delicious irony in the fact that TK is censoring the voices of his readers?

Censored by a journalist who holds himself out as a fearless truth-teller, and an enemy of censorship.  Amazing.

The Wild, Wild West: The Spurs

This summer the Spurs management threw away their frugal business model, unlocked their war chest, and bought themselves enough major free-agents to go toe to toe with the Lakers for the Western Conference Championship.  Or so they hope.  Added to the roster via free agency were Richard Jefferson,  Antonio McDyess, and Theo Ratliff.  The Spurs also landed massive rookie power forward DeJuan Blair with the 35th pick in the draft, which some regard as a steal.  Do the Spurs now have enough to unseat the ridiculously talented Lakers? Continue reading

Today’s Poll

This will not be a frequent occurrence, but I love these two nicknames given to Warriors guard Anthony Morrow by the redoubtable AtmaBrotherOne at GSoM, and I can’t decide which one I like better.  I’d also like to see if anyone can come up with a better.  Poll after the jump. Continue reading