Pre-Game Jitters

Will Don Nelson really start Stephen Jackson against Marcus Camby?  The 6-11″ Camby has been the Clippers’ starting power forward in the absence of Blake Griffin.  He doesn’t resemble Zach Randolph in any shape or form.  If Nellie does go with Jack at the 4, it will be a classic case of “Who will flinch first.”  The Clippers will presumably try to take advantage of the matchup, but it should be noted that Camby is not a post player.  He likes to drift around the elbows.  And Kaman will be clogging the post area.  The Warriors, of course, will be trying to run this big Clippers lineup off the court.  They better hope they hit some shots. They won’t be getting any rebounds.

No matter who flinches first, I expect Anthony Randolph to get more playing time this game.  He will be useful against Camby, if not as a starter, then as the center on the second unit.  We’ve all been waiting for AR’s coming out party this season.  This could be it.

There’s another reason Randolph may be called on to shine tonight.  Andris Biedrins.  More specifically, Andris Biedrins’ bad back. Even if Beans is able to go tonight, he is going to be severely tested against Kaman. Kaman has been the Clipper’s best player to date, on fire with his jumper and his jump hook.  And he’s a load in the paint.

Baron Davis has had a rough start to the season.  He sprained his ankle in the last preseason game, and has been struggling with it.  Why do I think he’ll get healthy against the Warriors?

Don Nelson has given the Clippers trouble in the past by guarding Baron with either Azubuike or Jackson, particularly late in the game. It will be tough to do that if Nellie is determined to start small.  But look for it in the fourth quarter.

The Warriors are -4.5 home favorites in this game.  Pick your poison.

2 Responses to Pre-Game Jitters

  1. I think after Jackson’s performance Wednesday, you have to give him a shot at Camby and see what happens. I agree with you that this is a game in which Randolph can excel … if he gets the playing time.

  2. The first time AR dribbles coast to coast, or into the front court without passing to a guard after a defensive rebound, coach will sit him. Then all will know the real reason (not match ups) for sitting him. Passes and guards make the Ws’ play faster and that’s what they have to do to win, and that’s what they’ve been practicing. He’s been asked to defend and and rebound, not pretend he’s Magic Johnson