Pre-Game Jitters

I will be guest-blogging my Warriors-Pacers recap at Golden State of Mind.  If you’re not already familiar with the GSoM blog, it’s one of my favorite sites for insightful and entertaining Warriors coverage.  Check those boys out, they’re good.

The Warriors will be catching the Pacers at a fortunate time. The Pacers are also down a couple of big men, in Jeff Foster and Troy Murphy, and like the Warriors have been going with a center and four smalls. Danny Granger has been battling a bruised heel, and his shooting is down to 39% so far this year. Granger has killed the Warriors in the past, and whether Stephen Jackson can hold him down is likely to decide the outcome of this game.

The other key matchup will be Pacers’ giant Roy Hibbert in the middle against Moore and Randolph. Hibbert has been making strides lately, and the Pacers are looking to turn him into a go-to force in the paint. It’s likely they will try to force-feed him early and get our two lonely bigs in foul trouble.  Nellie may try to do the same to him with Randolph, getting Randolph on the move against the big monster with high pick and rolls.  But Mikki Moore needs our prayers.

The Warriors have finally announced that Stephen Curry will be moving to the bench to back up Monta Ellis. Unfortunately, due to our crippled front line, he will be replaced in the starting lineup not by Anthony Randolph, but by Anthony Morrow. Not quite Feltbot’s Prescription, but a step in the right direction.

I expect big games from Curry from here on out, or at the very least a marked improvement over the last few games. On the second unit, the ball will finally be back in his hands where it belongs. And as a sixth man, he will be encouraged to look for his own offense.  He is a far better player when he is free to be aggressive.  I’m looking forward to watching him this game.

The Pacers are -5 home court favorites.  Hmmm…. no, forget it.  Down, boy.

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