Pre-Game Jitters: Knicks

It’s getting to the point where I need Prozac for my pre-game jitters.

The Warriors are returning to Madison Square Garden, scene of one of last season’s most embarrassing blowouts. Yet the Knicks are only -3 home court favorites in this game.  That’s all?  I know the Knicks are only 1-8 on the season, but with all that going’s down now, it feels like it will be a small miracle if the Warriors even take the court.

You’d have to be crazy to bet on a team where any one of three players can throw a tantrum at any time.  Which I guess means you should take the other side until further notice.

Me, I’m not going to watch.  I’m going to play some poker tonight, and watch the game on tape.  I’ll post my autopsy notes sometime tomorrow.

6 Responses to Pre-Game Jitters: Knicks

  1. No comment on how your beloved Nellie is steering this rudderless ship?

  2. Game just ended and it looked like the Beloved One got the Good Jackson to play tonight. Easy win.

  3. Woo-hoo!

    Man, if that first coin-flip loss vs. Houston woulda gone the other way this problem child of a team would be sitting at .500. Yes, of course, easy part of the schedule, but still a team not so many folks would be freakin’ out over. Winning solves all sorts of problems.

    And why do I get the feelin’ they’re gonna somehow, someway steal one of the dreaded Cleveland/Boston games? You KNOW SJ’s gonna his darnedest for a blowout performance against the Cavs.

  4. Gnossos, its clear to me that both Jackson and Monta are in revolt against the franchise. How much is Nellie to blame for this, how much is the franchise, and how much rests on Jack and Monta themselves?

    I plan to discuss this at some point, but I expect news on not just the Jackson, but also the Monta front in the near future. I want to wait and see how this plays out before really getting into it.

    Why? Because I want this to be a basketball blog, and not a gossip blog. Because although I have opinions, I don’t know what the real truth is behind the scenes, and unlike scumbags like Tim Kawakami I’m not willing to soil myself in sordid speculation in order to attract eyeballs.

  5. You can dissect the intricacies of monta’s game and decide that he is ‘not monta’ anymore, yet you consider any (critical) analysis of coaching strategy, allotment of minutes, positioning, personnel management and the attendant glaring morale problems on this squad to be ‘gossip’ perpetrated by ‘scumbags’ . Jackson plays 47 minutes and the young potential leaders get less than 10? against the knicks? It is certainly germane to a basketball blog to wonder what the hell Nelson is up to and how effective he is going to be in managing this group.

  6. I understand your last post, and you are correct that coaching decisions merit discussion on this blog. I did not understand your first post the same way. Feel free to analyze anything that you think I’m neglecting, and I will respond if I can.

    But the question of Jack’s and Monta’s morale is a complex one. I will venture an opinion on it eventually, but let me just say this: I don’t think it has a lot to do with Nellie’s coaching decisions.