Pre-Game Jitters

The Warriors are +16.5 road dogs against the Celtics tonight. I’m going to discipline myself and not say a word about this line.  If you haven’t noticed, my intuitions about the Warriors lines have been ice cold lately.  Which is one reason why I never bet them! (But see The Bobcats Bet for the kind of thing I do bet.)

For me, this game will be a tale of two intriguing matchups:    

The first, and most important to the Warriors’ fortunes, will be Monta Ellis against Rajon Rondo. Ellis waltzed into the lane frequently last night against Mo Williams. That ain’t gonna happen against Rondo. And instead of Big Z planted like a sequoia in the lane, Ellis will be met at the rim by Perkins, Garnett and Wallace. I have a feeling Monta will not be able to drive the ball tonight, which has generally spelled disaster for the Warriors this season. How will he react? What will he do to put the Warriors on his back?

The second is Mr. Anthony Randolph against Kevin Garnett. I am drooling to see this. Down boy! I’m still remembering their first meeting last year, when Randolph went toe to toe and chest to chest with The Big Ticket, and they ended up in a stare down and a bark off.  Garnett finally turned away, with a bemused smile on his face.  I bet I know what he was thinking.  “That kid reminds me of someone!”

It wasn’t quite a Melted Brain, but still.  Ooooh,  baby!  Let’s get it on!

One Response to Pre-Game Jitters

  1. If we can trade Ellis with another injury player, we will be all set!

    Crawford for Law and Claxton (injured)
    Belinelli for George (injured)
    Jackson for Radmanovic and Bell (injured)

    Ellis for Garcia (injured)??