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Pre-Game Jitters

The Warriors are +8 road dogs in this game.  This is the first line I’ve seen this year that seems to account for the woeful state of the Warriors front-line, not to mention the mental state of Jackson and Ellis.

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Bright Lights: Warriors 121 Knicks 107

Big City? Important audition?  Or did Don Nelson catch Private Stephen Jackson’s attention with his benching in Indiana? For whatever reason, Jack was back playing full bore last night. Certainly Nellie communicated strongly that he won’t leave Jack on the floor when he’s hurting the team. And if Jack wants a trade sooner rather than later, he knows he’ll need to play hard.

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Pre-Game Jitters: Knicks

It’s getting to the point where I need Prozac for my pre-game jitters.

The Warriors are returning to Madison Square Garden, scene of one of last season’s most embarrassing blowouts. Yet the Knicks are only -3 home court favorites in this game.  That’s all?  I know the Knicks are only 1-8 on the season, but with all that going’s down now, it feels like it will be a small miracle if the Warriors even take the court.

You’d have to be crazy to bet on a team where any one of three players can throw a tantrum at any time.  Which I guess means you should take the other side until further notice.

Me, I’m not going to watch.  I’m going to play some poker tonight, and watch the game on tape.  I’ll post my autopsy notes sometime tomorrow.

Hijacked: Pacers 108 Warriors 94

My recap of this game has been posted on the Golden State of Mind Warriors blog.  Comment here or there as you like, I will be checking both.

Pre-Game Jitters

I will be guest-blogging my Warriors-Pacers recap at Golden State of Mind.  If you’re not already familiar with the GSoM blog, it’s one of my favorite sites for insightful and entertaining Warriors coverage.  Check those boys out, they’re good.

The Warriors will be catching the Pacers at a fortunate time. The Pacers are also down a couple of big men, in Jeff Foster and Troy Murphy, and like the Warriors have been going with a center and four smalls. Danny Granger has been battling a bruised heel, and his shooting is down to 39% so far this year. Granger has killed the Warriors in the past, and whether Stephen Jackson can hold him down is likely to decide the outcome of this game.

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Gift Horse: Warriors 146 Wolves 105

There are so many positive story lines to this victory I don’t know where to begin.

I’ll start with the most important:  How many times in your life have you seen an NBA team go with a lineup of a center and four point guards? At the start of the fourth quarter, the Warriors stepped out with Anthony Randolph, Monta Ellis, Stephen Curry and… Acie Law and CJ Watson.  And dominated the garbage time.  Thank you, Don Nelson.

You see, that’s one of the things I love about Don Nelson.  Something all those anhedonic haters out there will never get.  If you let him, he will entertain you.  He will make you laugh.  He’s crazy!

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Sacramental Offerings: Kings 120 Warriors 107

There are two things wrong with the Warriors.  Two very simple things without which they cannot be competitive in the NBA.

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Bonus Coverage: Clippers 113 Grizzlies 110

As a closet Clippers fan, I was delighted with the opportunity to watch this game.

Since the Warriors handled the Grizzlies easily, but got blown off the court by the Clippers, it should have been easy to predict how the Clippers would fare against the Grizzlies at home, right?  Wrong.  This game was closely contested throughout, and was finally decided only as the final horn sounded, when Rudy Gay’s dead-on 3 point attempt hit the back rim.  How is this possible?

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Hobbled, Winged, Clipped: Clippers 118 Warriors 90

There’s not much to say about this game, which means the anti-Nelson wolfpack, led by Kawakami, Lauridsen and Lepper will have a whole lot to talk about.  Or should I say howl about.

Don’t be fooled.  The Warriors had no chance to win this game.  Ever.  Starting from the moment that Biedrins was declared unavailable.  With no Biedrins and no Turiaf, the Warriors had no way to match up with this very underrated Clippers team.

Here’s why, in a nutshell:

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Pre-Game Jitters

Will Don Nelson really start Stephen Jackson against Marcus Camby?  The 6-11″ Camby has been the Clippers’ starting power forward in the absence of Blake Griffin.  He doesn’t resemble Zach Randolph in any shape or form.  If Nellie does go with Jack at the 4, it will be a classic case of “Who will flinch first.”  The Clippers will presumably try to take advantage of the matchup, but it should be noted that Camby is not a post player.  He likes to drift around the elbows.  And Kaman will be clogging the post area.  The Warriors, of course, will be trying to run this big Clippers lineup off the court.  They better hope they hit some shots. They won’t be getting any rebounds.

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