Pre-Game Jitters: Orlando Magic

Dwight Howard and the 15-4 Orlando Magic are in town.  I suggest we start Maggette at center, Morrow at the four… oh, wait!  Anthony Morrow is out for this game. So scratch that idea.

Once again the Warriors are down to 7 healthy bodies.  Can they be magnificent? That’s going to be a pretty tall order, considering they have very few fouls to throw at Dwight Howard.  Expect to see one or two dunks by the young fella.

Randolph and Devean George are going to be available in case of emergency. Where’s the fire alarm?  Is it too soon to break the glass?

Matchup Heaven:  Every time I start to get a feel for how the Warriors will matchup, someone else goes down, and its back to the drawing board.  Lets see how I do on this one:  Curry will guard White Chocolate.  Nice!  Looking forward to that.  Monta will guard Vince Carter.  I’m REALLY looking forward to seeing Monta torture Half Man, Half Dog.

But who will start at small forward against old friend Mickael Pietrus?  Will it be CJ Watson or Corey Maggette? Will the Warriors once again go to the three-point guard lineup?  Or will this be the game that Maggette starts and goes the distance?  I think it will be CJ.  No, Maggette.  No, CJ.  Definitely CJ.  He’s got more minutes in him, and of course, we have to reserve Maggette for big minutes at center.  I mean power forward.

The rest of the matchups will be conventional, which is to say, greatly troubling. Vlad Rad against Rashard Lewis, in the battle of old Seattle teammates.  It’s tough to see how Vlad has any exploitable edge against Lewis.  They both play the same game, but Lewis is longer and more athletic.

And of course, Mikki Moore will be the first to be fed to Dwight Howard.  Yum! Chris Hunter will get an early call in this game.  I set the over/under at 8 minutes.  Have you been impressed by Hunters’ physique and stature in the games to date?  Be prepared to see him look like a little kid staring up at Superman.

The Warriors are +9 home dogs to Orlando in this game.  That’s all?  Once again, the Warriors fortunes will rise and fall with Monta Ellis.  Does he have a big game in him, one game after he looked depleted by illness?  Can he find a way to get to the rim and get Howard in foul trouble?  That’s the only scenario in which I can see the Warriors prevailing.

Look for the Magic to cross-match Pietrus against Monta.  He might give Monta trouble, whereas Carter and Williams can do nothing but watch him go by.

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