Pre-Game Jitters: Spurs

After that last road trip, my jitters are getting bad.  And now my computer is shrieking non-stop that the Warriors are in trade talks!  Horrors!  Is it too early to hit the Lagavulin?

What I need is a home game against a nice soft team like…  the Spurs?  The same Spurs that took a shellacking against the Suns last night, and are going to come into the Oracle mad as hornets and with their ears red from a Pop tongue-lashing?  Instead of a nice restorative Scotch, I’m being served a double oy latte. The Spurs are a +5 road favorite against the Warriors tonight.  Oy. Oy.

The Warriors have a couple of matchup options to start the game.  Since the Spurs start the non-scorer Keith Bogans at off-guard, that’s a good place to hide Anthony Morrow.  So will Monta guard Tony Parker or Richard Jefferson?  I’m leaning toward Jefferson, because that will help save Monta’s energy for offense, and RJ is just too strong for Curry.  When Bogans sits down, and Ginobili and Roger Mason come in, though, it may be time to give Morrow a rest in favor of CJ Watson.

The Spurs, I think, will cross-match Bogans on Monta, because he’s their best defender.  Monta has also struggled at times this season against bigger defenders.

The Spurs are big and deep, but old and slow.  I saw the Bulls, before Tyrus Thomas get injured, simply run them off the court earlier this year.  The Warriors’ strategy to beat them will be obvious: get out in the open court and run, run, run.  Particularly since the Spurs are playing back-to-back.

Unfortunately, the Warriors need to be able to grab a defensive rebound before they can fast break.  Will the increasingly enigmatic Anthony Randolph show up for this game?  The Warriors will need him.  And one other thing of interest to look for in this game:  Is it time for Don Nelson to unveil Devean George at back-up power forward?

Welcome back, Nellie!

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