GSoM Party 118 Warriors 109

The Thaiblonde and I rocked the GSoM holiday party at the Oracle last night.  It was great to meet up with the whole crew of GSoM for the first time.  Great group of guys, great Warriors fans, great writers.  And I also met Dan Turman of Fear the Beard fame. So cool.  Awesome time.  Thanks, GSoM!

Watching the Warriors play was only the second most fun thing I did at the game, so I’m not going to drop a recap.  I did notice a couple of things out of the corner of my eye, though:

Anthony Randolph:  Randolph watchers had to be pleased by the run Nellie gave him in this game.  As to his performance, you’d have to say it was a mixed bag.  I loved him leading the break and dishing the ball: 5 assists.  I loved him, at times, running the point-center.  I loved his offensive rebounds and a few of his finishes. I tolerated his missed jumpers (although they send Jae at GSoM through the roof.  Down, Jae!) .  But I hated Randolph’s defense against Haywood, his late defensive rotations, and the forced rookie passes that lead to 5 turnovers.  And I hated his FAIL at inbounding the ball at midcourt. Have you seen that his agent is now floating a $50 million extension number?  A Warriors buddy of mine said it best in an email after the game: “You can’t get that type of dough until you learn how to legally inbound the ball.”

And one other thing, for those who want to see Randolph starting and playing major minutes at center for the Warriors, no matter how big the behemoth on the other team.  Randolph wanted no part of Brendan Haywood in the paint last night.  He did not want to bang with him. He let him have everything he wanted. Looking at the size disparity at close hand, I’m not sure I blame him.  But there it is.  The Randolph Conundrum.

I’m going to say it now, so prepare your air-sickness bag: the Warriors missed Mikki Moore in this game.

Monta Ellis: Is Monta Ellis (8 turnovers) completely comfortable yet being the go-to guy in the fourth quarter?  I’m just asking.

Corey Maggette: For all of you who hate Maggette, please take a look at his line going out-of-position against Antwan Jamison last night:  Maggette: 23 points on 6-10, 8 boards.  Jamison: 10 points on 4-14, 10 boards.

Maggette has been dealt a rotten hand by this injury-ravaged Warriors team.  He is forced to grind it out in the paint against bigger players every game. Have you ever seen him dog it?  Have you ever heard a peep out of him?

How anyone could boo Corey Maggette is completely beyond me.  He is demanding respect.

He’s got mine.

The Natural: Is Stephen Curry making his move?  Don Nelson battled with Steve Nash for two years about looking for his own offense, before the lightbulb finally went on for Nash and he started to become the player he is now.  I’ve said it before, and I’m going to keep saying it: Curry is on a faster track.  This kid’s intelligence is off the charts, and so is his talent.

The Warriors are desperate for a third scorer (among other things), and I think Curry realizes now that it must be him.

The Warriors season may be all but over, but we have this consolation: the Rookie of the Year race is only beginning.

Vlad Rad:  Vlad had a clearly diminished role in last night’s game, but I thought he had a pretty good floor game in limited minutes.  Clearly Nellie delivered a message that he needs to find ways to help the team, no matter how his shot is going.  He did it last night: +1.

Anthony Morrow:  Who?

2 Responses to GSoM Party 118 Warriors 109

  1. Total co-sign on Maggette. He’s playing better than any other Warrior, and he has accepted a difficult job, and reduced minutes, without complaint. He’s the MVP of the team right now, and shame on anyone who doesn’t realize it.

    Did we miss Mikki? Well, I didn’t miss Mikki in particular; he really wasn’t having much luck against physical bigs, either, unless you call constantly fouling them “luck”. But it’s undeniably true that Randolph shrank away from Haywood several times — he looked super-tentative on D, far worse than he has in awhile. I think another ten minutes of Chris Hunter could’ve helped. Hunter is, while perhaps not even an NBA-calibre player, a guy who is willing to bang down low; Haywood seems like the type of guy he’d do well against.

  2. Amen on Maggette. He’s a scoring machine, willing to bang, super athletic. So he’s not perfect. Who is?