Pre-Game Jitters: Hornets

The Warriors are +10 road dogs against the New Orleans Hornets tonight.  Hmm. I know the Warriors are short-handed, recognize that they’re on a road back-to-back, but that strikes me as a lot of points. I like them against this spread, on this day.    

New Orleans presents similar problems as Memphis, in the form of Emeka Okafor and David West.  But I think the Hornets front line is slightly worse.  David West worse than Zach Randolph?  Yes, particularly since West’s back injury against the Spurs.  Okafor worse than Gasol?  Capital yes, and smaller to boot.

New Orleans is also far weaker on the wings than Memphis.  Would you rather see Corey Maggette going against Rudy Gay or Peja Stojakovich?  Maggette is going to be a very difficult matchup for the Hornets.

At the off-guard the Hornets have been going with Devin Brown.  He’s more of a defender than a  scorer.  There will be ample opportunity for Anthony Morrow to play in this game, going against two guys who can’t burn him too badly, Brown and Stoyakovich.  Will he finally show up?

The Warriors have by and large responded to adversity this season by playing hard.  Monta Ellis is coming off a stinker last night, as are Randolph, Watson, Morrow and Radmanovich.  Now that we’re at B minus one, and hope is around the corner, I expect them to come out in a fury tonight.  How’s that for sticking my neck out?

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    Randolph’s game the big story against the Hornets. 8 Blocks! Curry’s game was the second story. He would have had a triple double if some of our guys could finish his passes.

  2. Agree and agree. You predicted my recap order nicely :>