No Quit: Bucks 113 Warriors 104

I know I’m repeating myself with my recap titles, but I can’t help myself. I admire what this Warriors team is doing in a time of extreme adversity.

My recap of this game is posted at Golden State of Mind.  Comment here or there as you like, I will be checking both.

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  1. The Warriors should have been blown out last night. A few fewer fouls (bad calls?) and they still might have won. We have to take what we can get, and their effort was inspiring.

    But why on earth didn’t they give Curry more shots, especially when Monta picked up his fourth foul? He had to create his own offense last night, largely through drives, and he just isn’t there yet. If he’s standing in the wings, I assume that this is the plan, to spread the defense. But especially the second half, I didn’t see any screens or Monta or Maggette looking to kick it out. They had only three and a half offensive options last night, and only exercised about two and a quarter.

  2. I agree with you Nivrag, Curry is often an afterthought in the offense. I would have liked to see him get more shots. He did seem to go cold in the fourth quarter, though.

    I wonder what kind of season Curry would be having if he were playing as a traditional point guard, with the ball in his hands all game long? Something tells me that he’d be leading the ROY race. Certainly no one would mention Jennings in the same breath as him.

  3. I’m a huge Curry fan, thus am horribly biased. I’d like to see him run this team (or another). He’s not ready, of course, and it’s not certain yet he will be good enough to gain this spot. But I don’t think his talents will be fully tapped until he does assume leadership. He does show excellent point guard potential and is fully committed to team play, to making the other players better. And his spirit could be infectious. I don’t think he’ll ever give up or get discouraged. Nor do I think he’ll ever let success go to his head, to the detriment of the team (Ellis hasn’t done this).

    I can’t wondering if there isn’t an Ellis/Curry conflict now that might be a problem in the future. Any offensive growth by Curry will cut into Ellis’ leadership and shot totals, both of which he has earned.

    It’s not hard to see Ellis’ side. He is the far superior player, who has shown he can run point this year. Curry can’t drive nearly as well or find a jump shot in a crowd. And I suspect much of Curry’s offense can be attributed to openings caused by the attention to Ellis. Having two smalls in the backcourt has also given Ellis very tough defensive assignments.

  4. Very good analysis. Although Monta does open the floor for everyone, there is no doubt that Curry is sacrificing hugely by playing alongside him. Fewer shots, and far fewer assists. No doubt in my mind that Curry’s assist totals would be elite if he had the ball in his hands all game.

  5. Also they are two different players. Curry likes to get everyone in motion and work his options. (He does get ahead of himself sometimes.)

    Ellis likes to stop and set the defense — and thus freezing the offense — so he can find his spots to drive or shoot. He does this very well, of course.

    I don’t know if there’s a way to put the two together.

  6. Actually I think the two play great together, so long as neither complains about their role. We have yet to see them play backed by two shot blockers, like Turiaf and Randolph. And we have yet to see them play with dominant big man finishers.

    In my mind, this is already one of the best backcourts in the NBA.

  7. Hey feltbot – want to say yet again that I really enjoy your write ups – the pre and post game reports. I really like your use of specific plays with the time stamp to illustrate your points. I think you are way too timid in your praise of Nellie. I used to go in the early 90’s to the season ticket holder sessions and Nelson was fantastic. He could charm the crowd and was really funny and entertaining about the team and the league. Then you read the Lauridsen blog and the hater comments from guys who have never earned a dollar in the basketball profession… But let’s look at what Nellie is accomplishing with this team…

    1. Made the decision to draft Curry, changing his commitment to Ellis and Jack to land a big man and screw up any possibility of an amare deal. Then he makes the decision to insert Curry into the starting lineup to play along with Ellis with everyone(includingEllis) saying it just won’t work. I think it is safe to say Ellis will be a top player with the Warriors for years…

    2. Nelson manages his way through the whole Jack blow up and supposed alienation of Ellis to get Ellis leading the team and playing at a top five player level. The team is happy with a group of players that like each other and are playing with incredible intensity despite an unbelievable injury outbreak.

    3. Has managed Maggette from over paid stiff to valuable 6th man, to playing at an elite level. Did we ever see this coming from his Clipper days????

    This team has a good center rotation in Biedrins and Turiaff, if BW and AR were playing forward, with Buike as another piece… I think your 4th projection was right on target…

  8. felbotloveslosing

    Did you come from Detroit? You sure sounded like a Lions fan. You embrace losing, enjoy finding bits of positives out of losing, then looked for more losing.

  9. Thanks, Buckaroo, I appreciate the support in a season that is so difficult. I also like your analysis of what Nellie has accomplished this year. Dead on.

    And seriously, can there be any doubt that this would have been at least a .500 team if it had remained healthy? In the last game against the Bucks, it was clear we had the three best players on the court. Ellis, Maggette, Curry. All that was lacking was the supporting cast. I’m glad there are people like you out there with the imagination to see through and beyond what’s currently on the court, to what will be on the court when this roster is finally healthy.