MLK Day Miracle: Warriors 114 Bulls 97

Great win! My recap of this game is posted on Golden State of Mind.  Comment here or there as you like, I will be checking both.

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  1. We really don’t need the d-leaguers to score, just rebound and be ready for a few wide open looks or put backs. With Monta, Steph and Cory we’ve got 80+ pts a night. Still want Curry to take for shots-like to see Monta and Cory drive and kick to him on the wing. Goose is back in form but time for the granny style FTs-calling Rick Barry, your needed at Oracle Arena!

  2. One of the better games of the year and my Tivo box decides not to record it…UUGH!

    Sat down at 10PM to watch and it was nowhere to be found. Well, I thought, if it’s a blowout loss then I didn’t miss much. Just the opposite…sheesh:

    Biedrins w 19 boards and 8 blocks

    Curry now 7th in 3-pt percentage, right behind AM.

    Maggette now in the top 20 in scoring, top 15 in scoring percentage.

    And Monte doing those Monte things.

    That’s what I get for buying my Tivo boxes off Craigslist.

  3. I know just how you feel Brytex, I forgot to record that great Portland win.

    Aperacer, agree on everything. Nellie hinted that he would like Monta to look for his teammates more, and I’m guessing he wouldn’t mind Curry getting more shots. You really can’t fault Monta though for putting the team on his back. Especially up until the all-stars are announced :>

  4. Watching a game like this makes ou wonder how this team may have looked if they were all healthy.

    Not sure how Riley makes a trade when he has yet to really see them all play together for an extended period of time.

  5. Optimus, him not seeing the roster shouldn’t give him an excuse not to make a move with the expiring contracts that have been acquired…Injury should not be an excuse for lack of movement to get a healthly body on the team.

    I’m just tired of hearing the injury excuse when the FO went out and actively signed and traded for players that were injured or coming off injuries…Claxton, George, R.Bell, Moore..I would say Wright as well, since if I remember correctly he option was picked up after he was hurt, with still not really having proved anything in book as of yet…Although Fitz would make it seem as if we lost an All-Star since he doesn’t miss a chance to mention Wright to anyone who will listen…

  6. missed a couple of words, sorry bout the grammar..

  7. The ONLY IF’s are huge for this team going back several years to the day Baron left. ONLY IF doesn’t win games and it’s a stinking excuse. Every single trade that Riley has made has only set the stage for the summer of 2010. Riley’s defining moment. He brings in a great PF, he’s a hero, if not, he’s as bad as we feared. It’s his defining moment.

  8. I saw an analysis today that the Ws will only be $2.5 million under cap next year, despite all their expirings. Can that be right?

    Also the Ws are caught in a conundrum at PF. Wright and Randolph are the object of so much optimism, there will be a backlash if an established PF is brought in. I think they’d have to be pieces in the deal. Are you willing to give them up?

  9. For a legit PF, half the team is expendable, so yes, Wright and Randolph should be on the table for a proven PF.

  10. Only Wright, although I don’t think the Warriors will get a whole lot for him. I’m actually glad Randolph is out for a bit–I know, that’s nuts. One thing that really bugs me about Wright’s injury is that because it is the shoulder it prevents him from lifting a lot of weights to put on some badly needed weight and strength in his upper body. Randolph injury won’t significantly prevent that. Time off to lift weights, think a lot and get some perspective has the potential to do a world of good for Randolph. He could then be the PF the team needs. Gotta keep him.

  11. The people who can’t give full marks to Corey are the same ones who previously called him selfish, a dud, etc. They have revealed themselves as weak judges of NBA talent. Are you reading this, Steinmetz?

  12. mwlx,

    tough argument. the last 16-20 games for corey versus the previous 8 or 9 years. hard to sway it in corey’s favor.

  13. jweezy – You have proved my point with your ignorant reference to Corey’s career, which spanned 9 seasons before he came to GSW. His career points average is 16.5. With GSW, he averaged 18.6 last season in spite of injuries, and is averaging 20 overall this season, though his recent performance has reached even higher levels.

    But Felty’s point was — why can’t people give Corey credit for playing at an incredibly high level for the past 25 games, just when the Warriors need him most? Your ignorant response groups you with Steinmetz among those who — if they were to praise Corey — would be admitting they’ve been wrong about him all along.

  14. mwlx,

    loser, take it easy. i didn’t say he wasn’t playing well. he’s playing out of his mind right now. his stats are better than monta, being that hes shooting 60+ percent over the last 17-20 games.

    but you cant crown him a winner until he shows he can do it consistently through out multiple years. idiot. you have to follow the entire game/season and see if he actually helps a team or fills the stats.

    jack ass.

  15. I didn’t say ‘crown him a winner,’ jweezy. I simply agreed with Felty – give him full credit for his recent play. The fact that you bring in years-old history and puerile name-calling to make your point is truly weak.

  16. # Maggette keeps ruining his fantastic offensive efficiency with bonehead plays like letting Kenyon Martin roam free for a putback dunk. #GSW about 11 hours ago from web

  17. D.S. I know the play you’re talking about, and Barnett noted that it wasn’t Maggette’s fault: he was forced to leave Martin to give help on Anthony. KMart got 8 offensive boards, and most were obtained the same way. He was the man the Warriors were doubling off of to guard Anthony.