Pre-Game Jitters: Nets

The Warriors are -7.5 point favorites, dressing only 4 1/2 NBA players.  Huh? This can mean only two things. One, those 4 1/2 players are pretty good. And two, its the New Jersey Nets.  

Its difficult to describe just how bad this Nets team is.  For a start, lets just point out that the short-handed Warriors beat them 105-89 in their own place this season.  I could also point out that they’re 3-38 on the season, and on a 1-21 road streak. Them’s pretty special numbers.

Not really sure what to highlight about this game.  It will be my first extended look at Yi, so that’s worth something.

Brook Lopez is the Nets best player, and has been beasting.  He’s listed at 7’0, 265 lbs.  In other words, 5 pounds less than Lebron. If you believe that, I have a bridge I’d like to sell you.  Beans is in for another tough night.

Devin Harris used to be the Nets best player, but is no longer.  Not sure what’s up with that.  But looking at the box scores, I’m guessing the Nets are trying to restrict his offense, and make him into more of a distributor.  That’s a mistake. Like Tony Parker and a guy by the name of Monta Ellis, Harris’ great strength has been his ability to create his own shot. Expect Curry to sag off him. Like Derrick Rose, his drive is more dangerous than his jumper.

The gutsy Warriors have been on an incredible run against the spread.  They are 10-3 ATS in the last thirteen games.  The Nets, on the other hand are 1-4 ATS in their last 5.  A great time to bet the Warriors?  Possibly.  But its hard for me to pull the trigger while they remain one injury or one early foul-out from disaster. Also, the Nets have no doubt circled this game.  Also, Nellie might try to find a way to give Monta Ellis some rest on the front end of a back-to-back. Proceed at your own risk.

4 Responses to Pre-Game Jitters: Nets

  1. Friday is a poker night for me, and the Warriors are playing back to back. So I won’t be recapping until after Saturday’s game.

    So this is the spot to leave your game comments. Or, if you’re up to it, recap the game for me!

  2. Brief recap: Tolliver got his start at the PF and got a double double. Turiaf returned off the bench.

    In the 1st qtr, a Net stepped on Monta’s ankle. He tried to work through it. Early in the 3rd, he signaled to be taken out of the game, did not return. Xrays negative. Will not travel to Suns game. Curry will be the ONLY GUARD in Suns game.

    Game got blown out in the 3rd. I stopped paying any detailed attention to the game once the game got out of reach. Nets really suck with no fire, no rhythm, nothing.

    BWright showed up in the 2nd qtr in the broadcast. Talkative, intuitive, bright sounding. Like Curry and KSmart, terrific to listen to.

    Other than that, can’t judge whatever good we did because we’re playing a terrible team.

  3. The Suns game will be a great chance to see how Curry leads a team. Assuming Monta has a mild sprain, this will be a good thing for him to rest, it’s not like were battling for the playoffs.

    Wonder how the NJ Nots will do with John Wall next year.

  4. In the first half, the Warriors tried to pace themselves for a change — maybe something they’re not used to? They made about a half dozen careless turnovers which led to some dozen easy points.

    What most impressed me was how well the whole team played together second half, even after Monta went out early. This from a rookie, two D-leaguers, and Mags and the centers. Good ball movement, everyone getting into the offense. No let up on defense. Box score tells the rest.

    We see the difference between a good team and a bad team. Why on earth couldn’t the Nets pick it up after Monta went out? I think they were only ten points down.