Curry Wins: Kings 99 Warriors 96

My recap of this game is posted on the Golden State of Mind Warriors blog. Comment here or there as you like, I will be checking both.

5 Responses to Curry Wins: Kings 99 Warriors 96

  1. Felt,

    Your post game comments sums it up best. Stephen Curry is the Truth. Now what would you think about a back court of Kevin Martin and Stephen Curry?

  2. What’s wrong with Monta and Curry? I’m not in the camp that think Monta has to go because Curry is showing greatness.

  3. I want a new statistic for attempted assists. Another one for sharply initiating a 2, 3 pass sequence that leads to a bucket. And another one for incredible passes that don’t do anything but man they were fun to watch. Then how do the PGs stack up?

    I don’t recall our feeding the bigs so much before — maybe they’ll come around?

    Feltbot — two questions:

    There are intangibles that have to be factored in. I want to give Curry credit for leadership last night, keeping a team having a horrible night in the game, but I’m biased. He really did look in charge, like he was trying to keep the team together. Any truth to that?

    I don’t feel we’re getting optimum results from the two guard, Curry/Ellis set. Any thoughts on how this might be done? You can take Kawakami’s recent post “Monta Ellis’ Peripheral Stats” as a starting point.

    Kawakami . . .

    But Monta in, Curry out, and they probably win. Even on an average night he produces the points they needed.

  4. The Ws have not looked good with either guard sitting. I think we have one of the best backcourts inthe league and I have no desire to see it change.

  5. I like Monta and Curry for the most part, but they are just too small to hold the fort against a bigger backcourt combo. I would like to see a bigger guard play along side curry. Also I strongly believe that monta is stunting Curry’s upside.