Pre-Game Jitters: Hornets

Chris Paul and the Hornets at the Oracle tonight.  They’ve gone 10-4 so far in January to get their record up to 24-20, and I have no idea how they’ve done it. This is not a great basketball team.  I wrote after the last time the Warriors played them that the Warriors had surpassed them in talent, and I stand by that assessment. Chris Paul is carrying them.

Monta Ellis is back for this game, and I expect him to excel.  In the last game, Monta painted a big target on immobile monolith Emeka Okafor in the paint, until the Hornets started double teaming.  The Hornets may begin the double-teaming from the opening horn in this game.  Will someone please hit a shot?

Another player with a target on his back will be Peja Stojakovich.  Corey Maggette will destroy him.  That 3-22 will be nothing but a bad memory.

Curry will be guarding Chris Paul, and he’s proven he has the chops to do it. Paul will need to get hot from outside to put up points against the next great point guard in the league.  The lane will not be available.

David West is no longer the player he used to be.  And for the first time in recent history, the Warriors have a big body to guard him.  Tolliver against West should intrigue.  Or will Nellie again start Vlad Rad, to pull West out of the lane?

Is Turiaf now ready to start?  Nellie had voiced a plan to start him against the big-bodied centers in the league, and bring Biedrins off the bench.  Neither should have much of a problem against Okafor.  He is slow, with hands of stone. Its time for our centers to show up at the start of a game.

The Warriors, now 13-3 against the spread in their last 16 games, are +2 home dogs against the Hornets. That’s disrespect.


6 Responses to Pre-Game Jitters: Hornets

  1. felty: any idea what’s the story with CJ? When the Warriors rejected a trade with Orlando that involved getting a first rounder I was dumbfounded. Granted he looked great at times last year but hitting a 3 every now and then would really help this team. And you made a great call; he DID blow a layup last night.

  2. I think cj is one of the best backup points in the league when he’s himself. By himself I mean the guy with the sweet J. Not sure what’s up with him right now. But I’m glad the Ws kept him.
    Thanks for noticing that call:) He still sucks at finishing layups.

  3. I disagree with your love for CJ felt. Although he is having a good game today, he sux. As for Curry, notice how ineffective he is being second fiddle to monta today? I am sorry but i really believe that Curry will never be able to shine while Monta still is with us. Bring on Ray Allen!!!

    Anthony Tolliver looks lost today…
    and I hope they dont renew Cartier Martin…

  4. Can we all agree the CJ, Curry, Monta line-up is BAD?!?!?!

  5. Nelsons starting 5 today was a swing and a miss.

  6. You cant say that here, Nellie does no wrong…