No Show: Hornets 123 Warriors 110

It’s been a long hard season, and Feltbot is worn down and needs an optimism IV. So how about a one-sentence recap: Chris Paul showed up, and the Warriors didn’t.

A mid-season back-to-back.  Monta’s rustiness. Don Nelson’s game plan. Corey Maggette’s disgruntlement. Pick a reason, any reason. The fact of the matter is that the Warriors gave very little effort in this game.  Don Nelson didn’t make too much of it, and neither will I. The woefully undermanned Warriors have played their hearts out this season for very little reward. They deserve a pass on an off-game. Let’s hope it doesn’t continue.

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that this game says something about the New Orleans Hornets.  It doesn’t.  They are a very mediocre team, going nowhere.  They happen to have one completely transcendant basketball player, Chris Paul, who at 6-0 175 lbs. might be one of the top 5 players in the league.  He has put the Hornets on his back, just like Lebron James has put a very mediocre supporting cast on his back the last few years. Lebron has enough to make a run in the playoffs; Paul will not get out of the first round, if indeed he makes it that far.

Don Nelson: Nellie made himself a major player in this game by choosing to go small from the start, with Maggette at the four and CJ Watson at the three. He stated post-game that he thought that strategy gave the Warriors the best chance to win.  But for whatever reason, his player’s didn’t buy into it.

I pride myself on calling things like I see them.  I’m a  Don Nelson fan, but in this game he was out of tune with his unit.  The small-ball Warriors just didn’t have the energy or the will to compete in the paint.

Corey Maggette: I’m giving him pride of place among players, because he was the chief dog in this game.  Whether out of fatigue, frustration with Nellie’s game plan, or lingering annoyance with Nellie from the previous game, Maggette simply did not show up to play defense or rebound.

Monta Ellis: Played the distributor beautifully to start the game, picking up 6 assists in the first quarter.  Unfortunately, it seemed to take him out of his game.  He never tried to take the reins of this game. Did the game plan slow Monta down, or did a slowed-down Monta require this game plan?  Nellie attributed Monta’s poor game to rust.  Let’s hope that’s the case.

Stephen Curry: Curry looked like he was running in mud, and not all of it was due to Chris Paul. Back-to-backs have proved very tough for Curry in his rookie season.

After the Sacramento game, I thought to myself that Stephen Curry might be the most cerebral player to enter the league since Magic and Bird. I was forgetting one player: Chris Paul. What he does on the court has very little to do with athletic talent.  It’s about intelligence.  He is amazing to watch.

CJ Watson: Helped by being left wide open by Stojakovich and West due to Nellie’s small ball tactics, Watson’s dead-eye returned.  It’s another irony in a season full of them that this performance occurred in this game.  There have been at least 5 games this season which the Warriors might have won if Watson had been able to hit a shot.

The Centers: Once again their combined line didn’t look too bad, but the fact remains that Beans and Turiaf are making very little impact. Emeka Okafor is not this good.  Randolph did a much better job on him in the previous game.

The D-League All-Stars: Perhaps relieved of the pressure of starting, perhaps helped by stepping in a few feet, Tolliver got his jumper to fall in this game. And then he actually hit a 3, his third in 24 attempts.  Unorthodox style or not, I think it’s clear Tolliver can hit shots.  He just needs to get his confidence and his rhythmn.

Martin had a poor game.  It’s clear that Nellie wants him to be aggressive on offense. But games like this may indicate that his game isn’t up to it.

Vlad Rad: Who?

9 Responses to No Show: Hornets 123 Warriors 110

  1. This game stopped being entertaining at 11-0. I really dont know what happened but i was watching the TV and it felt lackluster all the way around. I almost threw my remote at my TV screaming GRAB A DAMN REBOUND!!!! Monta and Curry should not be in the same backcourt. It has got to be Curry’s show. Monta makes it fun to watch, but you cant have two people dominating the ball. Anthony Tolliver needs to and better stop shooting 3s. PLEASE!!!

    I’m boycotting the Friday game, I’m not interested in watching Stephen Jackson.
    to think we didnt want to give Baron 3yrs @13M per but we gave this clown an extension and I am 200% sure BARON wanted to be here…

    I hope Cohan sells, I really do…

  2. The starting line up was a fail. CJ should be used to rest Curry and Monta. Monta and Curry at back court, Tolliver as PF, Magette as SF (where he thrives) and Goose. For this game we actually had the bodies for a decent rotation. V-Rad has proven to be a failure. Cartier is just to wild, can’t finish and hasn’t met a shot he doesn’t like.

  3. aperacer,

    agree that tolliver at pf is a good fit. he plays good d and hustles.

    i think if martin were to hit a couple more shots, we would all love him. he does need to stop shooting the three and just stick to slashing. he could be a less athletic version of danthe jones

  4. I think all your comments are valid in this one, felty. I kept looking for some aspect of greatness on the part of New Orleans to explain the thrashing and other than Paul, couldn’t find it. When o when will the Warriors be able to settle on an 8 to 9 man rotation so they have a shot at cohesion.

  5. Agree with your comments, Felty, and would add that Monta lost the handle on the ball at least 5 times without being pressed. I didn’t like his body language out there. It’s like he was in a fog.

    Like you, I hope this is a one-game issue. It’s been a very draining season, and I can see that fact catching up with players and coaches alike. We need a major dose of hope. A nice trade for Chris Bosh, perhaps. Something big. The trading deadline is only 3 weeks away. Pull the trigger, Larry!

  6. Feltbot,

    Keep the faith! Keep writing! Lead us through the rest of the season! Sorry for the exclamation marks!

    I read your blog because you show genuine enthusiasm for the team and the game, in spite of all. (Without this, why bother writing, e.g. K.)

    Also I learn something about the team and what I saw the night before, getting some ideas to consider. I don’t know if you’re right, or if anyone is right — there’s too much none of us know, who’s hurt, what is Nelson’s plan, what isn’t, who is doing what he’s told or going off on his own — but you give us something to think about.

    For example, on Tolliver. I heard Nelson or a player say that when a guard penetrates and kicks it out to a player on the arc, the rule is to shoot.

    And I like a clean, well lighted place to comment.

  7. A Hemingway reference! Nice. Thanks for the encouragement guys. It’s getting tougher and tougher to sit down and write….

  8. Good writing is the best revenge.


    Nice write-up. Monta wasn’t 100%. Very little explosiveness for him. Curry was dead from 45 mins the night before and all the recent minutes played. Still, noone looked “into” the game including Nelson from very early on. Sacto game, same problem except Curry was hustling bc of the Tyreke matchup.

    Something is rotten in Denmark, or whatever words Shakespeare actually used. Not sure what’s going on.