Pre-Game Jitters: Thunder

The Warriors are gettting +8.5 against the Thunder, and I have no interest. That’s what we’ve come to.  That’s how far the Warriors’ effort has slipped since Monta injured his ankle.  And now that Monta has been passed over as an all-star, and dreams of individual glory are no longer available to fuel his effort, it’s possible that there is another reason for his lackluster play since returning.  Like depression.    

The Thunder present one of the toughest matchup problems in league history in the elongated shape of small forward Kevin Durant.  When you don’t have an athletic option at small forward, he’s probably best guarded by a small player.  Monta Ellis did a good job disrupting his dribble and making him uncomfortable in the last game.

Corey Maggette has no hope of staying with Durant.  He also has appeared to opt out of competing at power forward lately, at least to start games.  So does that mean that we’ll see Maggette guarding Sefolosha and Harden at the two, even though he matches up decently with Jeff Green, who is an undersized, athletic four?  Don Nelson has a very tough problem on his hands here.

As for the rookie Harden, he killed the Warriors in the last game, getting into the lane for layups and fouls at will.  I was very disappointed in the Warriors’ defense on him, because at this stage in his career he is an easy guard. Although he’s a decent stand-still three point shooter (39%), his jumper is not ready for prime-time, as his identical shooting percentage from two indicates (39%).  Like Tyreke Evans, the Warriors should literally never let this guy drive.  Just play off him and dare him to shoot.

Hopefully, the Warriors get the memo, and show up to play.

2 Responses to Pre-Game Jitters: Thunder

  1. Here’s what I said from the open thread:

    Five words to describe today:
    We ain’t winning this game.

    Anyway, I wonder why the Warriors signed a guard. Whatever happened to giving Maggette a backup so he can get some rest? Perhaps the Warriors feel Monta and Curry need some rest? If so, it’s ironic that we had a “logjam” of guards last season, and mainly due to injuries, we’re now scraping the D League for a temporary guard.

    Prepare for disaster, prepare for a blowout, prepare for a D League showcase. Because that’s what Warriors basketball is all about right now.

    Oh and thanks Cartier for playing for us for the past 20 days. Hope your tear duct heals up. We could use a bench guy who’s not afraid to give up his eyeballs to attempt to block a monster dunk.

  2. Coby Karl is Magette’s backup, at least for the next 20days. Honestly, Curry should take some lessons on how to penetrate and distribute from Karl. I have no idea what is up with the 3rd qtr. The Warriors will not win another ball game if they decide to sleep walk through the 3rd. Also I am sick of hearing Fitzgerald pump up the “center productivity”.