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Vacation Thread and Mavs Bet Update

Yes, just as things are once again getting heated in Warriors land with Biedrins-gate, feltbot is off to the Mexican riviera for a much needed stint of Warriors rehab.  I’ll be gone 10 days, missing the next 6 games, including the brutal 4 road games in 5 nights stretch next week.  It’s probably just as well. My Lagavulin bill has been killing me.

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Goose Eggs: 76ers 110 Warriors 102

My recap of this game is posted on Golden State of Mind.  Comment here or there as you like, I will check both.

Pre-Game Jitters: Sixers

My Pre-Game Jitters have been posted on Golden State of Mind.  I will be recapping this game there as well.  Let’s go Warriors!

Curry to Watson: Warriors 108 Hawks 104

“Just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in.”  —  Silvio Dante, quoting Michael Corleone.

At 6:05 of the fourth quarter, Stephen Curry received the ball under his own basket, looked up court and threw a 70 foot chest pass that hit a double-covered CJ Watson in the hands for a layup.  This sensational play capped a 16-0 Warriors run that tied the game at 95, and sent the Oracle into delirium. And thanks to the good folks at Golden State of Mind, the Thaiblonde and I were right in the midst of the madness.  We were eight rows back behind the backboard jumping up in joyous disbelief as Watson caught the ball over his shoulder and layed in the reverse.

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The Mavs Bet, and More: Thoughts on the Trade Deadline

Dallas Mavericks: The biggest winners, by far, of the trade deadline were the Dallas Mavericks. The Mavs dumped the contracts of Josh Howard and Drew Gooden on the Wizards in return for two very good players, Caron Butler and Brendan Haywood.

In Butler, the Mavs finally have something they have been lacking for the last two years: a legitimate two-guard with size.  Butler is great on both sides of the ball.  At 6-7 he has the potential to be a stopper at the two, like Stephen Jackson. In fact, having Butler and Marion at the wings could be every bit as effective for Dallas as having Jackson and Wallace at the wings is for Charlotte.  If you don’t think that’s effective, check out the latest whipping Charlotte put on Lebron and company.

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Battle of the Bigs: Lakers 104 Warriors 94

My recap of this game has been posted on Golden State of Mind.  As always, comment here or there as you like, I will be checking both.

Pre-Game Jitters: Lakers

My pre-game jitters have been posted on Golden State of Mind.  I will be doing the recap there as well.

Things to Chew On: Warriors 132 Clippers 102

1) Let’s get the obvious out of the way first: the Clippers showed up to this game already on vacation.  In other words, they didn’t show up.

2) I was a huge fan of Baron Davis when he was with the Warriors.

3) I am SO happy now that the Warriors did not re-sign him.  His game was heavily dependent on athleticism, and his athleticism is gone. His legs are shot. He is a shadow of himself.

4) How good is Stephen Curry?  I will avoid maudlin gushing and simply repeat what I have been saying since the start of the season: Better than Steve Nash was in his third NBA season.           Continue reading

Feltbot’s Gone to Rehab: Open Thread

It’s time for Feltbot to check himself in to rehab.  Warriors rehab.  I’ve fought through the pain of the cataclysm of injuries that have beset the Warriors since the pre-season.  I’ve slapped a little tape on, taken a few Lagavulin injections, and trotted out my doleful observations day after day. But I’ve reached the end of my rope with this game.  Corey Maggette out and now Monta Ellis injured again?  I can’t take anymore.  I’m taking a break from recapping games at least until we hear that Monta Ellis is OK and returning to action.

I will be putting up Open Threads if you care to continue the conversation in the comments section.  I have greatly enjoyed talking hoops with all of you who have joined me here, and will gladly add to any discussion that arises.  I just need a break from recapping.

I’ll start the ball rolling:  A lot of positive things went on in this game before the latest disaster du jour:  A strong emphasis on ball-movement, spearheaded by having Curry run the point.  A huge step forward by Anthony Morrow, most impressively to me inside the paint.  Small forward is his natural position in the NBA, despite his size. Another great game by Anthony Tolliver, that had me wondering how he got lost in the D-league. He has a real knack for rebounding, and a terrific basketball IQ.  Both Beans and Turiaf finally rounding into shape, and finally running the plays.

That’s all I’ve got.  I’ll leave the rest to you.

Pre-Game Jitters: Mavs

In their last game, horrible as it was, the Warriors showed a few positive developments.  Morrow came off the injured list.  Curry came off the respirator. Tolliver got an NBA contract and responded by looking like an NBA power forward.  Biedrins had his best game of the season.

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