Pre-Game Jitters: Mavs

Vlad Rad is the latest Warrior casualty.  Nellie stated post-game last night that he is shutting Vlad down indefinitely until his achilles tendon heals.  So fingers out, everybody.  It’s Dallas, scene of the 6-man massacre, so let’s count what we have left.            

I’m guessing that Corey Maggette will fight through his hip pointer to play this game.  And I’m guessing Monta Ellis will play through the pain that has somehow migrated from his left ankle to his right ankle to his right wrist. (Is it raining in  Dallas?)  Monta actually had a beautiful performance in Houston last night.  It’s nice that Commissioner Stern is taking his time over replacing Chris Paul, isn’t it?

So we have a full squad!  The Mavs are -12 home favorites in this game.  Huh? How quickly the bookies forget!

I don’t know about that spread, but here are some rock-solid predictions:

  • Anthony Tolliver can’t guard Dirk Nowitzki, and may not get the chance.
  • Coby Karl can’t guard Dirk Nowitzki either, but will get the chance, perhaps from the opening tip.
  • Monta Ellis puts up another all-star audition.  The Mavs can’t guard him.
  • Maggette v. Marion? Maggette. Marion. Mmmmmmmmaggette. Final answer.
  • Curry wakes up.  Yes, on the back-to-back.  Being guarded by Jason Kidd and Jason Terry will do that to you.

What is it I don’t like about that spread, again?

10 Responses to Pre-Game Jitters: Mavs

  1. Feltbot, you are a motivational leader.

    Quick recap of the first 30 seconds of the Houston game: Houston gets the tip, Houston misses lay-up, Warriors (Vlad?) get rebound, pass to Curry who’s already looking, driving up court and finds and dishes to a streaking Vlad who goes up —

    And we saw for a fleeting instant the team that still captivated us the first part of the season, in spite of all, who could run and surprise and put up startling numbers —

    But Vlad doesn’t follow up his shot and misses the layup. Everyone knows the rest. As you keep saying, Feltbot, this is a running team, and we just don’t have the pieces for that team now. Also, maybe spirits and energy have finally run down. And without outside shooting, there aren’t any options left. Opposing teams can afford to give Monta his numbers. Maybe when Morrow comes back he’ll go on a tear — look at his numbers last time we went to Dallas.

    Body language was odd last night. Ellis seemed relaxed and at peace with himself, in spite of his wrist. Curry seemed at ease himself as he sat on the bench and watched, in spite of his weak night. Maybe because they realized without Maggette their situation was, in fact, hopeless?

    I suppose it was a night when Curry could have put up some Jennings-like numbers, but I don’t think he sees himself that way. I think he really is committed to team play and feeds off its energy.

    I suspect we’ll have to bide our time the next few weeks.

  2. Nice post, Nivrag.

  3. Yes, very nice post Nivrag. Nice perceptions, agree with everything. And yes, Vlad’s desecration of that perfect Curry feed made my head explode.
    Very thankful Nellie is putting him out of my misery.

    Off to play some poker!

  4. Let’s hope for another solid “moral victory” loss versus Dallas…Prediction=Going into the 4th Dubs down by 18 and cut it to 6 with two minutes left and then end up losing by 9…Moral victory because they played hard?

    Also Fitz is AWESOME!!!

  5. Let’s rest Vlad for remainder of the season and please, no more green light for Tolliver.

  6. UC dubs, you called it! SPOT ON.

  7. My god, man! Can you channel your predictive powers into saving Mankind?

  8. felbotloveslosing

    UC dubs, you are totally right that Fritz is now awesome. but Fritz only became awesome after he started using talking points from feltbot.

  9. FLL, did you notice that too? I thought I was hallucinating it :>

    (CC, is that you?)

  10. Holy Crap, I should have bet on that line I pulled outta thin air…Sorry no CC but do know his work. All I’m saying isn’t aren’t you guys tired of all the moral victory stuff?

    Orgeon, I wish I could just channel them enough to get Larry Ellison to buy and get rid of Cohan and his crappy mgmt staff. I’ll get right on it!!!