Feltbot’s Gone to Rehab: Open Thread

It’s time for Feltbot to check himself in to rehab.  Warriors rehab.  I’ve fought through the pain of the cataclysm of injuries that have beset the Warriors since the pre-season.  I’ve slapped a little tape on, taken a few Lagavulin injections, and trotted out my doleful observations day after day. But I’ve reached the end of my rope with this game.  Corey Maggette out and now Monta Ellis injured again?  I can’t take anymore.  I’m taking a break from recapping games at least until we hear that Monta Ellis is OK and returning to action.

I will be putting up Open Threads if you care to continue the conversation in the comments section.  I have greatly enjoyed talking hoops with all of you who have joined me here, and will gladly add to any discussion that arises.  I just need a break from recapping.

I’ll start the ball rolling:  A lot of positive things went on in this game before the latest disaster du jour:  A strong emphasis on ball-movement, spearheaded by having Curry run the point.  A huge step forward by Anthony Morrow, most impressively to me inside the paint.  Small forward is his natural position in the NBA, despite his size. Another great game by Anthony Tolliver, that had me wondering how he got lost in the D-league. He has a real knack for rebounding, and a terrific basketball IQ.  Both Beans and Turiaf finally rounding into shape, and finally running the plays.

That’s all I’ve got.  I’ll leave the rest to you.

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  1. Feltbot,

    Do what I’m going to do. Think only about the first 40 minutes, about all the fine memories they brought back. Pretend the last six minutes do not exist. No, really, do it.

    Better keep the tube off Wednesday.

  2. felbotloveslosing

    When the going gets tough, the tough takes time off. But no worries fans, Fritz will still be reading feltbot’s great insights daily on KNBR.

  3. Tolliver is the ‘Buke of 2010.

    Curry was great offensively tonight. His shooting just gets better.

    Turiaf and Beans picked it up big time tonight.

    Only downer was Monta’s sprained knee. Clips game will be tough w/o Mags and Ellis. But our Kobe will get to play as a result. Is Raja Bell coming back and complete the picture on ‘our Kobe’?

  4. Two guards (Watson and Karl) on the bench, were never used to give Ellis, Curry and Morrow a blow, until Monta got hurt. The Warriors clearly ran out of gas and didn’t have the energy to counter Dallas’ switchups on defense in the late going. Nelson out-coached again. Enjoy your break.

  5. Anybody notice that Dallas also went with a mostly 6 man rotation for the entire game? Both coaches needed this win.

  6. Elaboration:

    That was a tremendously exciting basketball game against serious competition, really a joy to watch — for 40 minutes. The ball movement, the running, the shooting — this is why I watch basketball, and the Warriors play a style of game that, for me, exemplifies the sport. And I would like to argue that we play a kind game that inspires our opponents. How many times have we seen them respond to the challenge and shoot well themselves, how many players have season high nights? I don’t think we can solely blame our defense for their performance.

    Yes, we made some dumb mistakes, yes we ran out of steam, yes we lost, and yes I’m trying to pump myself up. But I still enjoy watching this team when whole — or at least half whole instead of a quarter whole.

    I have been holding my breath on Monta all season. How many times has he hit the floor after all his acrobatic leaps up through a crowd? It would have been a miracle had he gone through the season without injury.

    At least was able to walk off. . . .

  7. It was interesting that Nellie didn’t give Karl a single minute. Obviously, the last game’s performance led Nellie to give up on him: the Warriors announced pre-game that he would not get a second 10 day contract. Why would they make that announcement early, instead of when the 10 days are up?

    And of course, the early announcement jinxed Monta Ellis.

    As for CJ: it didn’t appear that he wanted to be on the court last night. A turnover and 3 fouls in 6 minutes?

  8. I think I heard on the post-game they still have a chance to resign Karl next week.

    I was surprised, like others, when they had the lead that Nelson didn’t give the guards a break and at least see if some subs could hold on for a minute or two, longer if possible.

    I am not looking forward to what will be coming out of Stern’s office the next weeks. At least we’ll get a chance to see other owners, for the purposes of comparison.

  9. Apparently if they sign Kobe Karl now they would have to pay him over all star break. They are going to wait to pay him after. And we wonder why no one wants to come here.

  10. Oh and Felty, kudos to you for keeping you passion for so long. This team has a way of draining it out of you doesn’t it? But I appreciated having one place to come that wasn’t all about hating on Nellie. When the Warriors get good again (if they get good) this place is going to be where all the non-hating fans will congregate. Thanks for your hard work!

  11. It’s not about not paying Karl during the break. It’s about not having him able to do anything or play any games to show what he can and can’t do during the break and waste several days of valuable observation time.

  12. http://sports.yahoo.com/nba/news;_ylt=Au5pQX_Abe3TxWI_UJURBP28vLYF?slug=aw-jeffersonspurs020910&prov=yhoo&type=lgns

    This article on Richard Jefferson’s struggles made me think: what is so bad about Corey Maggette’s contract? Why do the media and fans always focus on it?

    Who do you think Popovich would rather have?

  13. It wouldnt be so bad if there was a possibility of a great draft pick. If there was a Lebron or Carmelo to choose from. This drafts look like crap. Wall is gettingthe hype but we need another pg like a whole in the head.

    I think them throwing Speedy’s contract away put a bad taste in my mouth. It confirmed my suspicion that this team is more about making money then putting together a good product.

    Im wit you. Im done for a while.

  14. The W’s need to punt Monta while they can. This is Curry’s team, if not now, then VERY VERY soon…

  15. Monta is verging on being a superstar. You cannot give that away. Superstars are what get you to the next level in this league.

    There have been issues with chemistry with Curry this season. But there have also been nights like last night, when the two have been absolutely dominant together.

    I think those who don’t think Monta can play with Curry are really jumping the gun. This is Monta’s first season putting a team on his back. He is 24. This is Curry’s first season, period. He is a rookie. They are just learning their way in the league, let alone learning how to play together. And they have never yet had the opportunity to play with a healthy veteran frontline behind them.

    I am excited at the prospect of watching them play for a complete and healthy team. Together.

  16. Felt,

    As much as I share your opinion on Curry, I disagree entirely with Monta being his running mate. It should be Morrow, Morrow is a SG not a SF just like Magette is a SF not a PF. And what happens if John Wall, Evan Turner, or Wesley Johnson are who you have to draft next season, are you going to want Monta there? Monta is AWESOME, but he is not the guy you start the truck up with. He is AI without winning, Curry is Nash and the longer you supress him, the longer he is going to take to blossom. Curry needs the keys now, and Monta is not going to like it when it is aparent it is Curry’s team. Monta has got to go…NOW while his value is at its best…

  17. I disagree on a couple of points IMB. I just don’t think Morrow has a prayer of guarding SGs. He has shown his greatest effectiveness on the court matching up against larger SFs, just as Chris Mullin showed his greatest effectiveness matching up with larger PFs. In other words, Morrow can be hidden at times at the SF. He will be hideously exposed at SG.

    I also disagree that Monta is “AI without winning.” Monta has already shown that he is far more coachable, and a far better passer, more willing to involve his teammates, than AI. The reason that Monta is not winning has far more to do with the state of the team than any chemistry issues or deficiencies in his game. And I am no longer convinced that Monta resents Curry. I see signs that they are beginning to work well together.

    As for Wall, I would sooner use him as a trade asset than start over and develop him. I would rather have Stephen Curry than Derrick Rose at point guard, so why wouldn’t I prefer Curry to Wall?

  18. everyone play good but the rotation is bad. Terry and kid were killing us, 10 threes?! Come on! Let Curry and Monta take a break and put some defense Gs out there once a while to mix things a bit.

  19. The Charlotte Observer on Stephen Curry:


    Scroll down and note Jackson’s comments.

  20. Guys cant put the losing on Nelson. The guy is coaching half a team. I like Nelly and I think we would be far worse without him.

  21. great link nivrag, thanks.

  22. The guy is coaching half a team, but he seems to be putting in half an effort. As Feltbot often points out, he designs great matchups before a game. But he rarely adjusts. I seem him being outcoached. The Warriors don’t-won’t-can’t play D. He’s not the whole problem but definitely part of a bad product that is making people sick and sending such as Feltbot to rehab.

  23. For those who didn’t hit the link, Stephen Jackson on Curry:

    Jackson, now with the Bobcats, viewed Curry’s skill set as a given. It’s Curry’s presence that drew Jackson’s attention during the six weeks they were Warriors teammates.

    “I love that he has that Tim Duncan thing about him, where he never gets frustrated,” Jackson said. “He’s always focused – a missed shot, a turnover, nothing gets him down. He stays poised, and not many rookies have that.”

    When has Jackson said anything he didn’t mean? Do we really know this guy? Do we know any of our guys?

  24. From K’s blog:

    * I’m honored: Seems like somebody, a few somebodies or an entire fleet of ticket-selling somebodies has launched an entertaining smear attack upon these digital shores.

    ! Never thought this site would get big enough to merit the kind of goofy tricks usually reserved for 1960s Nixon campaigns, but hey, I’m not going to collapse now.

    Only the real grown-up blogs get smeared

    Mostly, the attack involves digging up old thoughts and ramblings of mine, which is, frankly, pretty cool. I’ve written many things about the Warriors, proposed a lot of odd moves, changed my mind a few times, always bouncing around ideas within the construct of a central theme: The Warriors stink and it’s worth trying bold things to NOT stink.

  25. Hmm.. looks like PJ’s arrows hit the mark :> It’s hilarious to me that TK implies that anyone critical of him must be working for the Warriors. Is that degree of paranoia endemic in all sportswriters, or particular to him? Independent confirmation of a diseased mind, not that I need it.

  26. As a matter of general principle, I think it is a mistake to attack people — fellow writers, players, coaches, etc. You don’t accomplish anything and just turn the dogs loose.

    Except Kawakami, of course. He’s fair game.

    One should also be judicious in praise, especially of popular scapegoats.

    Same reason.

    The word “cynic,” I understand, is derived from the Greek word for dog. The attitude of a dog is that if you can’t eat it or fuck it, pee on it.

    Credit here to Charlie Lloyd, years back.

  27. While I’m on a Curry binge, here’s the father we all wish we had, with advice for a certain center:

    I went out to shoot hoops with my son the other day and tried this at the free throw line: I held the ball with two hands up over my head and simply flicked my wrists, without making any other motion in my arms or legs. It was easy to get an arc, and pretty soon I was getting them in. I’m not good at this game, btw. I suspect we have major psychological issues with Biedrins, bless his heart.

  28. Whut whut, Feltbot.

    Remember I posted it on your blog first…..

    Your Kawakami piece inspired me. So thank you.

    The funniest thing is that his response was pretty weak. He’s just making a strawman argument like he always does. But there’s not a lot of substance there. And yeah, I kind of admit that I cherry picked the articles a bit. But I tried not to misrepresent them and included most of the context.

    Let us never speak of him again.

  29. Hey, felty, I don’t want you in rehab, I want you out here amongst the living! Dang, there’s at least a few of us who depend on you for upbeat and rational analysis even when our beloved team is stinking up the joint. You see things that I definitely miss and it is a real help. So for those of us (who have no lives) who persist in following the Warriors, come back!

  30. I notice your self-imposed restriction of Ellis’s return. I think good things will happen right after the all-star break. I anticipate a renewed team with a healthy Morrow, Biedrens and Turiaf that will integrate with Tolliver giving them enough depth to spread out the minutes or to bench the guy who is having an off-night. I’m expecting a finish to the season a lot like last year with some real good wins.

    I’m not even looking at the first two picks in the draft, I’m hoping there are as many as 7 guys that can step in and upgrade the team as I’m anticipating a pick in the 3-7 range. How crazy and ridiculously upbeat is that?

  31. I admit I am IMissBaron, and he has been sucking since Dunleavy fired himself. But as good as it was to still see Baron, the truth is WhoNeedsMonta? Curry is the here and now and he needs to dominate the ball…Congrats Curry on the Triple Double!!!

  32. “a healthy Morrow, Biedrens and Turiaf that will integrate with Tolliver”…Did I really write that before tonight’s game? Holy shinola were those 4 guys good! And 36 assists? and shooting 62 percent when the all-time franchise record is 63 ?

    Come back felty! Tell us how all this happened!

  33. Tell me that was not fun.

    Tolliver is a keeper.

    We might want to hold on to the rookie, too. Imagine what kind of numbers Curry would have now if he had been playing Jennings’ role all season.

    I think the greatest joy was seeing the Curry/Turiaf action.

    I know, the Clippers, but how many teams in the NBA could have put on such a performance under similar circumstances — two main starters out, so many big pieces out with injuries, the strain of a losing season.

    My basic problem with the Warriors is that I like these guys, all of them. Look at their energy on the floor. Look at the smiles, the excitement on the bench. I expected the worst tonight, but really I wasn’t surprised.

    Someone explain this to me: How did we out-rebound the Clippers with their size?

    Hey Feltbot! Come out of retirement!

  34. This game should be excellent tonic for Felty’s pain, even though it was against the Clips.

    Great that Curry got that triple double. He’ll get a lot of attention during all-star weekend as a result.

    Frosting on the cake: at least one Baron lover realizes that Boom Fizzle is over the hill.

  35. What a game tonight…think that one’s gonna stay on the Tivo for awhile.

    And forget about the team…hey Warriors fans, did WE really need that win or what?! Gonna make the next 9-game losing streak less sickening.

    SC certainly back in the discussion for Rookie of the Year. Fairytale-like ending when that ball just drops in his hands for the tenth rebound with virtually no time left sealing the triple-double. Amazing. I actually wept.

    Ok, just kidding…I didn’t weep. But by golly I should have. Very special performance indeed.

    C’mon, Felty, give us your take on this one…therapy will always be there. What we all need now is to suck up as much of the good-time-happy-feeling-love vibe this win emitted. You can help. Heaven knows it’s all going away next Tuesday @ The Lakers.

  36. Not sure where all the Nelly bashing is coming from. Do guys honestly believe that another Coach would have us in the playoffs this year??? Get real.

    Without Monta and Magette I didnt bother in tuning in last night and the Warriors end up routing the Clippers. WTH happened?? Feltbot I need some analysis.

  37. In a sense, the game wasn’t a surprise at all. Early in the season we didn’t have the bigs. Now they are in gear. The past few weeks, we didn’t have enough offensive threats, then Morrow comes back and — hey! — Tolliver.

    Imagine if we saw Ellis in place of Watson last night, and these guys got it together.

    Imagine if we substituted Watson to give the guards some rest.

    Imagine if we had the other pieces in place to give other players rest and provide flexibility in match-ups. And I think everybody has Maggette wrong. He’s shown a willingness to play whatever role he’s asked. He hasn’t had a chance to show himself in a full, healthy squad.

    The thing that amazed me last night was that the guys looked like they had played together all season. How did this happen? (Curry? Nelson?)

    All together now:


  38. Thanks for the chants, guys :> I’ve gone off the wagon and posted a new thread. Amazing what a game like this can do to one’s spirits after 9 losses.