Battle of the Bigs: Lakers 104 Warriors 94

My recap of this game has been posted on Golden State of Mind.  As always, comment here or there as you like, I will be checking both.

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  1. Praise to the team for its fight. I give Maggette a lot of credit here. How many expected a rout? (My hand is raised.)

    Curry not only didn’t shoot well, he didn’t look good shooting. Only five minutes into the game and he looked tired and nervous. Not the same kid who coolly popped in threes last Saturday. Hard to believe something wasn’t going on.

    It is obscene not only that the Lakers can spend so much money — is it $90 million before or after the tax? — but also, given the shortage of dominant big men, that they can field three. I propose, in addition to a harder salary cap some kind of footage tax.

  2. Comparing Monta to Kobe is dumb. Felt you know what comment I am talking about…Kobe and the Lakers win. Lakers without Kobe win but do they win a championship? Warriors with Monta lose, Warriors without Monta lose…so why pay the dude 10million a year to continually lose? BLOW THIS THING UP!!! Preferabley with Cohan selling first…

    Curry had a poor game, and that is fine he is a rookie, but he needs to run the show…without Monta…

  3. Im really not feeling the Maggeett for Ilzauskas trade talk. You the know the Warriors are not going to do squat with that expiring contract

  4. I disagree with the blanket statement that the Warriors with Monta lose. When have we ever seen this team with its full healthy roster? People are seriously underestimating what the simple presence of Azubuike or even Bell would do for the team. Which is not to mention Randolph.

    I continue to feel this will be a winning basketball team next year even if they stay pat. Judging by Curry’s comments in the paper today it seems he feels the same.

  5. In praise of Corey Maggette:

    I’m not crazy about his contract, but Maggette has become a fan favorite at my household. Look at the load he’s taken on, look at all tape and braces all over his body, look at his stats from all season.

    The problem with Maggette is that he has such an ugly shot. His form is bad and he just doesn’t look like he knows what he is doing. But once he steps inside the arc, his percentage, I believe, is quite good, even when well guarded. He’s been off the past weeks, but I suspect percentages will go back up once his finger goes back into its socket and all that tape comes off. (Compare with Curry. Curry has such a beautiful shot that we feel it is supposed to go in every time.)

    Listen to his interviews. He is a funny, sensitive, maybe even spiritual guy, easy to get along with. I read somewhere (here?) that he was the one who supported Curry early in the season when there was so much tension in the club before Jackson left.

    Most, he is a fighter, and quite frankly provides some bulk to our skinny club. As we saw last night, when the other options aren’t working, we need someone to pound the paint and soften it up, get some points any way he can.

    We booed him when he took those threes early in the season, but the club was in disarray. I didn’t see this, but I heard he once slapped his head after taking a three–as if saying he didn’t mean to do that. He’s played every role asked of him, including center one game. I’m guessing he doesn’t have be a main man and would be willing to fit into whatever role asked, once (if?) the team establishes a clear identity. I’m also guessing he wouldn’t mind having his load reduced, just a bit.

    There’s been a lot of talk about trading Ellis and/or Maggette, if not sooner then later. I’m hoping we keep one of them. Today I’m leaning towards Maggette.

  6. I agree with you about Maggette, and I think we keep both players.

  7. ‘Please P.M.’, Monta is a critical part of this team hoping to make its way out of purgatory.

    Just look at the Wizards. They were bad, but had some ridiculous bad luck with personnel, losing Arenas out of nowhere. Now after dumping Butler and a decent big man in Hayward, three vital pieces towards assembling a team that needs to go at least 6 deep are now gone. Do they depend on the draft now? Do they hope they attract a couple of high-impact free agents? I suspect they will now continue to be bottom feeders for years.

    The same thing would happen to the Warriors should they dump their one sure thing, Monta. We CAN NOT let another vital piece go!

  8. Alright Felt, I give…I dont share your enthusiams with Monta, but my wife seems to, and I guess so does Warriors current management. I personally would have loved to see a OJ Curry backcourt not that Oj is better than Monta, but I would love to do a OKC type team building where we take a bunch of 1st rounders let them get clobbered for a year or two and WHOLA…they actually look halfway decent.

    As for Magetter, I just dont understand how the ball moves less when he is on the floor. I hate that Nelson play call where the PG dribbles up and throws it into Magette and the rest of the 4 watch…YAWN…probably not his fault, but ball movement is lacking IMO…

  9. The W’s just won again without Monta, and only 11minutes from Magette. Word is Monta is out a week, I still don’t see how Monta is going to play second fiddle to Curry or how Curry is going to be able to freely run the show while Monta is there. I just don’t see it. At least for the next week we can see what the future looks like…GO W’s!!!

  10. WheresMyChippy

    Monta’s back tonight I hear. I’m interested to see if the good ball movement we’ve seen as late will continue with him in the lineup.

    If these past few games have shown us anything it’s that we don’t need 40+ minutes from Monta to be competitive. With a reduced work load perhaps he can ascend to the level of superstardom that we’re hoping for. His efficiency will obviously go up.

    I like our chances tonight. Okur just had a baby so he’s not playing and all the Jazz players are pissed that Brewer got traded.

    Feltbot come back! We need your insights!