Goose Eggs: 76ers 110 Warriors 102

My recap of this game is posted on Golden State of Mind.  Comment here or there as you like, I will check both.

5 Responses to Goose Eggs: 76ers 110 Warriors 102

  1. Imagine if Raja Bell were on the floor last night — points, defense, leadership, butt kicking. . . .

  2. His leadership would be invaluable… But what can he do about the play of our centers?

  3. Butt kicking?

  4. Raja was very articulate and, clearly, we need Raja on the floor. I hope we can re-sign him, he’s is very much what this team needs.

  5. Actually, I think I’m serious. Bell would lend some mental toughness on the floor for games like the one last night when things aren’t going well. We all saw how he talked to Randolph on the bench (Boston game?) and how Randolph responded. Curry, when hot, can lead with inspiration but can’t push guys to get their act together. I don’t think Monta has the personality — or maybe age — to push the other guys, either. Raja does.

    I throw my hands up with the centers. I suspect the games where they do well is when the outside shooting opens up the paint for them, but I can’t recall where their inside play opens up the outside, as we needed last night. I’m hoping AR comes around next year.

    Meanwhile, once again, here’s more advice for the whole team from the father we all wish we’d had: