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Anthony Morrow:  Before you get too excited about Morrow’s lights-out shooting in the Hornets game, take a look at what Stojakovich, Mo Pete and Marcus Thornton did against him.  The Warriors were fortunate that the Hornets gave Posey as many minutes as they did, so that he had a stiff to guard for 20 minutes.

How do you know that you are not an NBA defender?  When you get assigned the stiff, and the random D-league call-up gets assigned the tough cover.

Reggie Williams: Williams is clearly a talented scorer, but a zero on defense and on the boards.

If you need any proof that high-scoring two-guards are a dime a dozen in the NBA, you need look no further than Reggie Williams.  Or Marcus Thornton, drafted in the second round.  Or Anthony Morrow, undrafted.

The special two guards in the NBA are guys who are difference makers. Defenders and rebounders, as well as scorers.  Those are the kind of two guards that Nellie has always preferred:  Richmond, Sprewell, Finley, Jackson.

Azubuike, Bell.

And if you need any more proof that the Monta for OJ Mayo should never and would never have been done, this is it.  OJ Mayo is neither a defender nor a rebounder.  He is not even a special scorer in this league. Is he a better scorer than Reggie Williams? OJ Mayo is a dime a dozen. Those rumors that Don Nelson would have done this trade if he had been in charge of the Warriors are absolute BS.  His history makes it obvious that he would not have done this trade in a million years.  And he is in charge of the Warriors.

Darren Collison v. Stephen Curry: I like Darren Collison a lot.  He looks like a very good player.  But before getting too carried away by his 20 assists, take a look at the lines of Emeka Okafor and David West.  The Warriors had absolutely no one who could guard them, and they finished virtually every pass they received.

If Stephen Curry had two big men finishers on his squad he’d get 20 assists too. Every night.

Right now, every team that Curry faces has begun double-teaming his dribble. They can do this with impunity because he has no finishers to pass to.  He is reduced to simply swinging the ball.  This is one very big reason for his recent lack of production.

The other is this: his wheels have come off.  Last night Curry stated in his TNT interview that he has not hit the rookie wall.  Oh yes he has.  And the Warriors lack of a big man to throw to has made it worse.

Andris Biedrins: Has anyone seen it reported that Biedrins’ injury was misdiagnosed?  If he lost this season to a sports hernia alone, as opposed to osteitis pubis, I would consider that extremely good news.

From what I’ve read about osteitis pubis, if Biedrins’ has that as well, I would be tempted to say that he will never again be the player he once was, and the Warriors missed their window of opportunity to use him as a trade piece.

Rony Turiaf: Turiaf does not have a sprained knee, as the main-stream media are fond of reporting.  Turiaf has torn cartilage in his knee, that will require surgery after the year.  The failure of the bay area media to get this right is symptomatic of all their failures.

The fact that Turiaf gutted out this season on a bad knee for this team and this coach means something to me.  It is a special story, that has been completely ignored by the main-stream media.  Why?

Because it doesn’t fit their narrative.

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  1. Nice to see a Warriors post again, welcome back.
    A little harsh on Reggie Williams, his D isn’t great but it’s better than many on our team. He looks like a good 7th or 8th player off the bench. No game changer but worth keeping around.

    I’ve been disapointed in Curry’s play in the last couple of games. Maybe going back to Charlotte has him home sick. Rookie wall? Maybe.

    Finally, I think Nellie blew it last night in going small. Actually from small to really small. We had zero chance on rebounding and the great shooters, well, they weren’t shooting great in the 4th.

    I’m at the point now where I’m more focused on March Madness and the play of the top draft prospects than the woeful W’s right now.

  2. Turiaf, from what I’ve read, doesn’t seem to be doing anything about the knee. But the signs do not look good, and to be crass, I wonder what that means about next year. I see not having any big men, other than Hunter.

    And Curry was playing especially well with Turiaf during that stretch a few weeks ago, to support your points above.

    For whatever reason, we, even the press, never get complete info. We didn’t find out about Mikki Moore’s bone spurs until he after the fact. I wonder what else we don’t know.

    What happened in the game last night? Was Portland playing poorly and we got away with small ball for three quarters? Or did something happen to us in the fourth? We’ve finished strong before. To me, the guys looked lost, all of them, and I wonder, too, about the effects of playing so many different line-ups. They also looked like strangers.

  3. Agree Nivrag but I think Portland decided it was time to win with Roy taking over. They finally started going to their bigs and dominated the glass. The Warriors seemed to be asking who the go-to guy was and nobody stepped up. I was hoping Curry would take over.

  4. Aperacer

    We may have been pushed to the perimeter 4th. quarter, but I don’t recall the ball being passed around that much, our getting good looks there, especially Morrow, even Curry.

  5. Guys, if you’re looking for a recap of the fourth quarter, here’s my take:
    1) Warriors foul trouble let the Blazers operate at will in the paint.
    2) The Blazers were able to trap Curry effectively because the Warriors have no finishers.
    3) The Blazers were able to press up on the Warriors shooters because the Warriors have no finishers.
    4) The Warriors couldn’t hit a shot, pressured or not.
    5) The Warriors couldn’t rebound.

    I’m beyond expecting the Warriors to win at this point, and certainly beyond recapping. With a frontline of Hunter and Tolliver, its a miracle the team is still showing up to compete.

    Its a credit to some high character guys on this team. And yes, Don Nelson, who instills belief.

  6. Nivrag, Is that a lack of passing, poor shot selection, better D from Portland or all the above.

  7. All of the above, I’m sure. But they were able to close out with a similar lineup against Atlanta, a similar team, which is what got me thinking. I don’t think Biedrins made that much difference in Atlanta.

    All games are meaningless now, of course, but every win is a moral victory. I take what I can get nowadays. . . .

  8. Losing last night was depressing, look at the bright side our lottery pick chances are getting better and better.

  9. WheresMyChippy

    Nivrag, are you talking about the Atlanta game at home? Biedrins was definitely crucial in that win. Without him and Hunter protecting the rim TOGETHER that 16-0 run would not have happened.

  10. WMC,

    Bad memory. Maybe that is the difference, as everyone has been saying. Makes sense.

  11. if the warriors would have put in hunter and tolliver, they would have won. its quite simple, they would still have had a terrible offensive fourth quarter, but would have rebounded a couple of more boards which would have limited the blazers from putting up as many points…

  12. How come Meier doesn’t post on this site?

  13. I also think you were a little harsh on Williams as a defender. He’s not nearly as weak as Morrow, who is deer-in-the-headlights bad. I’m coming to the conclusion that AM’s 3-point shooting isn’t good enough to overcome the points he gives up.

    I missed your insight, Felty. Your comments about Curry, Biedrins and Turiaf were right on.

    Still, in spite of it all, the Ws manage to make the games interesting. Gotta give Nellie props for that.

  14. Don’t get me wrong. I like Reggie Williams and am greatly enjoying watching him. However there is a reason he was in the d league. The rap on him is no D. It is being masked somewhat by the fact that teams are focused on pounding it inside, and on attacking morrow and curry. He’s last on the agenda.

    And yes, he is a better defender than Morrow, because there simply is no worse defender than Morrow at the 2 in the league.

    But my point was not to attack Williams or Morrow, it was to attack the rumor that Nellie would have done the OJ Mayo trade. I think that was utter BS.

  15. I couldn’t agree more. That ridiculous Mayo rumor came from Bruce Jenkins of the Chronicle, who quoted two sources supposedly “close to the Warriors.” Jenkins likes to give the impression he has the inside scoop, but his need for hyperbole far outweighs his desire for accuracy. That March 5 column — “Don Nelson no longer runs the Warriors” — was as laughably false as anything he’s ever written.

  16. In some sense Morrow might act as a “straw man” on these warriors. As the weakest link in the chain, teams might focus on attacking him rather than other, more productive options. He seemed to do all right on Turk. the other night.

    I wonder what the future of Morrow is with team. Right now, he gets as much playing time as he likes with all the injuries. Will that stay true next year when Buike is back, and Maggette back to his normal position? Would Riley really trade someone to open up more playing time for him?