Pre-Game Jitters: Raptors

My Pre-Game Jitters have been posted on Golden State of Mind.  I’ll be recapping there as well.

7 Responses to Pre-Game Jitters: Raptors

  1. Larry Riley’s “to do” list:
    1)Load limo with Cristal, Warrior Girls
    2)Prepare 5 year, $15mil contract
    3)After game, persuade Bosh that the limo is going back to his hotel.
    4) Pour Champagne, keep glass full
    5) Drive him to Belvedere
    6) Offer any house on the SF side-make that two houses (one for his posse)
    7)Hand Bosh the check, contract and diamond studded pin, promise anything he asks for.
    8)Return to office and clear shelf for GM of the Year award.

  2. 5 year, $15 mil?

    What is this, 1986?

  3. Amended to do list:
    *2) Get blank contract with Chris Bosh in gold leaf print at the top.

  4. Ok, now we’re in business :>

  5. Who will play center tonight?

    a) CJ

    b) Vlad on crutches

    c) one of the Warrior girls

    d) other

  6. Center? We don need no steenking center!

    Can’t believe we outrebounded the ratpors!

  7. Nelson, in his interview, gave Tolliver high praise in spite of his shooting.