Calling All Big Men: Grizzlies 123 Warriors 107

My recap of this game has been posted on Golden State of Mind.  As always, I will be checking comments here as well as there.

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  1. IQofaWarrior

    What did Hunter say from the bench at 9:22? I couldn’t read what he said. It was too fast.

  2. Can we call up players in developmental leagues of other sports? I’m thinking professional wrestling.

  3. Raja Bell (from MT’s column):

    I don’t keep up with the ins and outs of contracts. Do I have this right?

    When Bell is released, technically any team could sign him for play-offs, say?

    But practically Bell would not sign because he doesn’t feel his wrist is ready?

    And we would have first shot at signing him for next season?

    So in effect, releasing him would have no effect on our chances of his playing for us next year?

    And maybe there is still interest in him and they have worked this out with him?

    John Wall:

    If we get first pick and take Wall, as everyone says we should, and Monta returns and Williams stays and maybe Watson and of course Curry stays and we sign Bell, what are we going to do with all these guards?

    Which one will play center?

  4. IQofaWarrior

    Nivrag – It’s too late for Raja Bell to make a playoff roster. The deadline for a player to be waived/bought out and still be eligible for a playoff roster is Mar 1st. Since Raja Bell is a free agent, I assume every team gets the same chance at him.

    It was possible that the waiving of Bell might have pissed Bell off and look for another team during the summer, considering all signs pointed to the Warriors wanting him back. So waiving Bell could affect our chances to re-sign him in this manner.

    Fortunately for Riley, Bell was a professional about it, totally understood the situation, understood that he wasn’t going to come back anyway, understood the team was low on healthy bodies, and gave reassurances that this waiving will not affect his free agency decision.

  5. IQ —

    Thanks — so really this doesn’t hurt our chances of signing him and it’s possible they talked with him beforehand to make sure he wouldn’t be put off? In which case, this makes a lot of sense.

    I like Bell.

    He is defense minded and can contribute to the offense, and is the kind of player who could fit into the offensive scheme well.

    Also he is a veteran who wants to compete and can provide leadership and the voice of experience from someone who has played for playoff teams, both on the floor and off. It’s a young club, and a veteran presence is needed. And the team will need player leadership. Curry is too young. Ellis and Maggette, if they both return, will have every reason to see themselves as the team’s anchors, but I don’t think either is a leader, not in the sense of being able to talk with and persuade the other guys. They both might listen to Bell.

    And really I think this is what Monta has been saying all along. He wants to play and be a major player, but he doesn’t want to have the burden of carrying the team. My take on Maggette is that he wants to play, too, and will do what asked. I’ve never heard him complain about his role or position in the team.

    Most, Bell has had a chance to watch our supposedly wretched club, which on paper now probably doesn’t have much chance for playoffs next year, yet still likes what he sees and apparently thinks he can fit in and contribute.

    We could all use such a vote of confidence.

    If only he were 7 feet tall. . . .

  6. But back to a pro wrestling call-up. Just imagine this:

  7. I’ll bet he would look like a kindergardner next to Shaq. But I like the way those suspenders support his breasts!

  8. Warriors waive Raja Bell so they can keep Reggie Williams.

    GM LARRY RILEY: “I think he’s played well enough. He certainly has a good upside. We want to keep him as we move forward. … He fits very well with Nellie’s system because he’s the kind of a guy who looks to pass, who can put it on the floor and get to the basket, and he can make a shot. He works at defense. He’s not a great defender, but he’s not an embarrassment.”

    Did Anthony Morrow feel his ears turn red when he read this?

  9. Anybody know what the deal is with Vlad, healthwise and other? Nelson said he wasn’t going to play until he’s 100%, which given current circumstances is a high percentage.

    Any sense how he figures in the future? He didn’t look bad on paper, but it’s hard to see him in any scheme. Are they trying to get him healthy so he can be put in a trade package? Or if he stays next year will they try to work him in or just hang on to him hoping for a trade?

    Interesting discussion on Fastbreak today. . . .

  10. Phoenix 133 GS 131. That was the most perfect tank ever executed. Tied with 2 minutes left I had the thought, “OK we’ve thrown a scare into a playoff team, got their respect…” Of course Amare went into beast mode down the stretch, obviously not going to let a’ ‘D leaguer upstage him, but in the last 2 minutes the Warriors hit every shot when down by 5 but missed every shot with a chance to tie by clanking the back of the rim (Curry had one airball).

    Forgive me for wanting the # 3 pick more than I wanted this game.

    29 points from Reggie Williams. Trade Morrow in the off-season to open up a spot for veteran Raja?

  11. Was there anything that Tolliver didn’t do tonight? It’s the one advantage to our miserable situation, that it’s given some players a chance to show what they’re worth.

    And Hunter has come on so well the last weeks, and his first six minutes tonight were impressive. My big regret is that his injury will prevent him from showing more himself. This is a great opportunity for him.

  12. It was some of the best play we’ve had all year from the 4 and 5. Curry sat too long on the bench and could get back in the flow. Would’ve liked Curry to come in early in the 4th. Reggie makes Morrow look like a D leaguer.

  13. Can’t feel too bad about Morrow. From a nobody to making 2 million or so? He’ll have a long career as long as he can hit his 3 pointer, he just got beat out by a more well-rounded player.