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NBA Playoffs Preview: Heat v. Celtics, Bulls v. Cavs, Spurs v. Mavs, Thunder v. Lakers

Today’s preview has been posted at Golden State of Mind.

NBA Playoffs Preview: Magic v. Bobcats, Hawks v. Bucks, Trailblazers v. Suns

Magic v. Bobcats

When the favored team is up 3-0 and on the road in game 4, they typically suffer a let down and allow the underdog to capture a game (see Celtics v. Heat).  After game 1, this is the best opportunity you will get to bet the Bobcats if you believe in them.  They are +4 at home, in a close-out game.   Continue reading

Did Kobe Bryant Deliberately Throw Game 4?

I believe he did. So does LA Times columnist TJ Simers. And it’s not the first time.

I don’t believe that there has ever been a  champion as immature and selfish as Kobe Bryant in the history of sport. He’s a disgrace. If I had a Hall of Fame ballot, he wouldn’t get it.

Playoff Previews: Bobcats v. Magic, Suns v. Blazers, Hawks v. Bucks

Bobcats v. Magic

Bobcats are +2.  My previous bet in the face of Jackson’s hyper-extended knee was stubborn.  The Bobcats need a healthy Jackson to contend in this series, and he’s clearly not that.  Brown is giving him help in defending Carter, and that’s killing the team’s defense.

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NBA Playoffs Update: Lakers v. Thunder

First Ballot, Selfish Hall of Fame

Is there a more selfish player in the NBA than Kobe Bryant?  I recently wrote that I believe that Kobe would rather lose in these playoffs than allow Pau Gasol to walk away with the glory of leading the Lakers.  Watching last night’s game simply confirmed that for me.  Just look at last night’s stat line:  Kobe 10-29 for 24 points; Gasol 7-12 for 17 points.  Who should have the ball in their hands for the Lakers?  Who should be shooting the most shots?  Kobe’s selfishness and greed for glory is a sickening spectacle, playing alongside a player of Gasol’s greatness.   Continue reading

NBA Playoff Preview: Suns v. Trailblazers

Why is this man smiling?

As anticipated, the Suns recovered to blow out the Blazers in the second game of the series.  That frequently happens in situations like this, where the game is meaningless to the Blazers, who have already seized home court advantage, while the Suns are fighting for their playoff lives.  It would be a mistake to read too much into game 2.   Continue reading

NBA Playoffs Preview: Bobcats v. Magic, Mavs v. Spurs

The Captain

Bobcats v. Magic

I got a little lucky in the first game.  I was willing to take 8 points with the Bobcats, but the line was +9.5, giving me the half point win.  Or did I get lucky? I certainly wasn’t planning on the sight of Stephen Jackson writhing on the floor in pain in the first half, with a hyper-extended knee.

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NBA Playoffs Update: Day 4

Jennings vs. The Hawks!  Wade vs. The Celtics!  Durant vs. The Lakers! Stoudemire vs. Camby!

Feltbot vs. The Bookies!

Jump for a preview of Day 4 of the 2010 NBA playoffs!

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Playoffs! Predictions! Bets!

This is a very odd year in the NBA.  I cannot recall a season where so many important players were fighting through injury coming into the playoffs: Kobe, Bynum, KMart, Parker, Hill, Marion, Kirilenko, Okur, Shaq, Garnett, Pierce, Jackson, Noah.  Needless to say, it makes it extremely difficult to evaluate even otherwise mundane series.  But here we go:

Chicago                      +2000

Cleveland                  -3000

Would you like a 3.3% return on your money in a one-week investment?  Put everything in your savings on the Cavaliers to win this series.  (That’s a joke, haters!) But a word to the wise: Do NOT bet against Lebron in any playoff series this year.  David Stern badly wants Lebron to win this year, and betting against what David Stern wants is like setting a blowtorch to your money.  Just ask Mark Cuban and Bill Simmons.   No Bet.

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Stephen Curry, Rookie of the Year

I believe that Stephen Curry is the only correct choice for NBA rookie of the year.  My arguments are posted in this piece on Golden State of Mind.  Comment here or there as you like, I will be checking both.