Random Thoughts: Warriors 116 Wolves 107

I said most of what I had to say about Nellie getting the record in my last post. Here’s a few random thoughts about this game:

  • How in the world does David Kahn still have a job?  Three colossal blunders in his first year:  Flynn, Rubio, and Kurt Rambis.  Which is not to mention Ramon Sessions, a sucker-signing if ever there was one. Kahn is an amateur in every sense of the word, and it shows.

  • Is there any possibility that Rubio could be a better player than Curry? Better than 27 pts. on 12-22, 14 assts., 8 reb., 7 steals?  A line that only two other NBA players in history have achieved, and neither of those rookies.
  • Jonny Flynn doesn’t have it, whatever “it” is.  Court vision, leadership, handle, an understanding of how and when to get his teammates the ball, anticipation, intelligence.  And he’s 5-11.  A completely blown draft pick.
  • The Kurt Rambis hire was the move of a completely incompetent basketball outsider, who knows he’s completely incompetent, and desires instant credibility.  Phil Jackson’s chief assistant?  Who could be better?  Answer: just about anyone.  The problem is this: Rambis has no choice but to run the triangle, because that’s what got him his job. And the triangle is not an NBA system.  It’s just not.  To win with it, this is what you need:  Jordan, Pippen and Rodman.  Or Shaq and Kobe.  Or Gasol and Kobe.  You also need this: one of the best defenses in the league, because you aren’t going to score much.  And you also need this:  Jordan or Kobe breaking  the system’s shackles in the fourth quarter.  It was sick watching Rambis coach this game.  He is genuinely clueless how to run an NBA team that doesn’t have Kobe.  Good luck in your future endeavors, Kurt Rambis.  Because your career as an NBA basketball head coach is all but over.  I give it one more year, tops. Another in a long line of failed assistants to Big Chief Triangle.
  • Jerry Buss in the Hall of Fame, Nellie out?  No offense to Jerry, whom I’ve played poker with — he’s a great guy and a gentleman — but this is like giving the Congressional Medal of Honor to a rear-echelon general instead of the captain who lead the charge.
  • I’ve discussed ad nauseam how I feel about Don Nelson as a coach.  But have you ever sat back and thanked your lucky stars that he’s also the Warriors GM?  Have you looked around and seen the kind of disasters that we could have wound up with?  David Kahn, Steve Kerr, Isaiah Thomas, Danny Ferry, Mark Cuban?  But why even mention them? How about Gary St. Jean and Chris Mullin?
  • If there is a better GM than Don Nelson in this league, I’d really like to know who it is.  Immediately after drafting Stephen Curry, he said Curry was the best basketball player he’s had since Steve Nash.  He knew. How about keeping THAT around for a few more years?
  • Anthony Tolliver v. Kevin Love.  Eye-opening, wasn’t it?  Obviously, there are players for systems, and Tolliver is a better fit than Love for this system with his speed and ability to stretch the floor.  But he torched Love so badly that it makes you wonder whether there is any winning team that Love could play for.  Another example of statistics failing to tell us everything we need to know about players.
  • Reggie Williams:  Did you see him run the point?  Another 5 assist game.  I get the feeling that Nellie is salivating over getting him involved with next year’s team from the start of training camp.  Reggie Williams is a big reason why Nellie wants to coach the summer league.
  • Chris Hunter:  It’s taken all season, but the pick and roll is finally a featured part of the Warriors offense.  All we needed was this:  1) Monta to cede control of the offense (altho he finally learned to run it a bit himself lately); 2)  Biedrins, Turiaf and Moore to all get injured, so Curry could run it with a FINISHER; and 3) Chris Hunter to learn how to finish, aided by Nellie’s gentle prodding.
  • Stephen Curry is the best pick and roll point guard in the league, after Nash.  In this, his rookie year.  It would be nice if we had the players to run it, next year.
  • Who doesn’t love Rony Turiaf?

20 Responses to Random Thoughts: Warriors 116 Wolves 107

  1. In previous posts, I have stated that Tyreke Evans is not a point guard. In part that was based on what I saw of his play, in part on the simple fact that the Kings were forced to trade Kevin Martin to get Beno Udrih back in the lineup.

    Here is some corroboration of my opinion from John Hollinger:

    Tyreke Evans, Kings
    Evans plays point guard much of the time and thus has a decent assist ratio, but that masks his major weakness as a playmaker: He thinks sequentially. As in, “First, I’ll look for my shot; only when I am cut off, I’ll look to see what’s going on around me.” As a result he might be one of the most frustrating teammates in the league.

    He’s one of a handful of players with a TS% under 53 and a usage rate above 25, but the visual is what really puts him over the top — the idea of involving people just for the sake of their participation in the offense seems completely foreign to him. Too many times he’s passing only as a last resort.

  2. Agree with your points, even the extra bit on Tyreke. But it’s very clear, the whole team and coach really didn’t plan to win at Washington, so that the celebration with family and friends would happen in Minnesota.

  3. I don’t disagree Ape, but it’s worth noting that Turiaf probably couldn’t go in Washington, and even if he could, he can only play one game on a back to back with that knee.

  4. Turiaf could barely play last night with the flu little alone his bad knee. He is a gamer. He adds more than stats can show, even when he’s on the bench. Funny how Curry kept feeding him the ball and he could barely lift his arms-his marks knew he was spent but Curry couldn’t resist him wide open under the hoop.

  5. In terms of the draft, it was much more strategic to lose in Washington than win. Given the health of the team, winning both there and in Minnesota back to back would have been near impossible. I think he picked the right one.

    Feltbot: I’d watch who you quote. Hollinger has really come out hard against Monta this year, and blasted the Jackson trade, saying that they should have traded him to Cleveland for resurrected spare parts. Although, come to think of it, would that have been any worse?

  6. You’re right bleep, I have a very low opinion of Hollinger as a rule, as regular readers can attest. If you can find anything objective to lean on in what I quoted then consider it, otherwise I really can’t argue if you ignore everything he says.

  7. feltbotSUCKS

    I disagree with you on Rambis. How long has Don Nelson been coaching? How many titles does he have?? ZERO!!!!!!! Don Nelson Sucks!!!!!

  8. Using your logic, Rambis has no titles, (or won’t have after this year) so…Kurt Rambis sucks!!!!!

    Oh, why bother.

  9. WheresMyChippy

    Wow, his logic is infallible. Sorry Feltbot, I guess this blog has been a huge waste of your time. You and Don Nelson both suck. Who woulda known?

  10. Feltbot what an astounding perceptive and accurate story Vis a Vis Wolves game versus Warriors. Had the luxury of being at MSP to see the game in person (Thank you NWA),

    Anyway, for those Nellie Haters, how about having Rambis, Kim Hughes, or even Wesphal coach your team, or GM Kahn make decisions.

    Curry was just great, even Turiaf who you identify as the recipient of the unselfish Curry passes kept dropping the ball has been a great addition to W’s, simply because of the intangibles. Knee injury and flu and playing til exhaustion. His teammates obviously like him a lot (as well as the coaches).

    To the naysayers just watch the Bulls, 76ers, Knicks, Clips, Kings, Heat, Pistons etc grace your tv screen for a while. The same people who discredit Nelson with his ability to eye talent will be the FIRST to criticize the new coach when the Warriors will be scoring in the 80s and we are watching lackluster overpaid and overrated veteran big guys mailing their game in from March to April.
    I wonder if some of these negative guys ever go to game outside of their ‘TAYVAY’, or they even have an interest in the game.

    Again, I thought your insight on Curry, and Toliver versus Love, and the lack of coaching by Rambis who in three games against Nelson has not had one effective adjustment to counter the Warriors skill in shooting. The way Nelson was able to anticipate the Wolves rotations was remarkable.

    I predict a letdown against the Clips, but as you have noted all season, the players have surprised us all year. Despite the record, they are still fun to see. Go CJ, Roni and Devean!

  11. One final note: Wolves fans I was sitting next to, would love to have half the shooters on our team. Seems outside of Brewer, AL Jeff, and Gomes they have some questionable players. Maybe some of the dudes above should follow Rambis (0 titless, under 20 wins) and Minnesota.

  12. I agree Felt. Nellie knocked a home-run with Curry Im estactic to see who he drafts this year. The guy know talent.

  13. Feltbot,

    Congratulations on a superb piece of writing about Don Nelson’s genius as a coach. I have to agree that you and Don Nelson suck equally in your respective fields.

    Why bother, indeed?

    After Nellie got his record, my sweetie and I celebrated by buying a bottle of Lagavulin. You have no one but yourself to blame, and we thank you.


    If for no other

  14. Please disregard “If for no other…”. I’m not that cryptic, I just can’t type worth a damn.

  15. This is a sports blog for Warriors fans, not the New Yorker. Apparently you can’t hold your scotch.

  16. The best piece that has ever been written about Don Nelson in the Bay Area media, and the best piece that I have ever seen from Rusty Simmons:


  17. Another great article, thanks ET.

  18. Okay, so does Steph Curry have a legitimate shot at Rookie of the Year?

    He’s ahead of Tyreke Evans in all catagories except points and rebounds. He’s finishing the year strong quite strong. How can some say TE is a no-brainer for the award?

  19. WheresMyChippy

    Jeff Van Gundy during the Lakers game on Sunday said that Steph is a no-brainer.

    It’s going to be close.