Brickfest: Utah Jazz 103 Golden State Warriors 94

My recap of this game has been posted on Golden State of Mind. As always, I will be checking comments both here and there.

4 Responses to Brickfest: Utah Jazz 103 Golden State Warriors 94

  1. Defensively this was a good game but I really do not enjoy a defensive battle, especially with poor shooting from our team. Give me Suns v Warriors and we’re talking good time. If only we had a bench or at least Cory we could have had some scoring.
    D. George’s the Buzzer Beater! Can’t decide if the base line FG or the the 3 from the edge of the center court logo was better.

  2. Yes, you think we could have used Maggette’s scoring in that game?

  3. How else could this season have ended?

    Woof! Woof! Woof!

  4. So many great things about this last game. Curry’s performance. The team’s effort. Nellie’s tantrum, and his solution. Finishing the season with five players, one of whom has already fouled out, and not a single other player visible on the bench. The promise of a fascinating future.

    Classic. The entire season, condensed into one great game.