Pre-Game Jitters: Golden State Warriors vs. Utah Jazz

My preview of this game is posted on Golden State of Mind. I will be recapping the game there as well.

4 Responses to Pre-Game Jitters: Golden State Warriors vs. Utah Jazz

  1. Tons of posts on GSOM and too much to read through so I may be duplicating other points…sorry in advanace.
    Morrow and Magette are now listed on the IR and out the for season. The Warriors can not beat the Jazz, especially when they really want to win. Tonight’s benefit will be for Curry to face off against the best PG in the NBA at the moment. I predict he will fail if he trys to go one v one. He needs to be crafty and hopefully has a hot hand to have a decent night. It’s night school for the Steph and the teacher could care less if he learns or not.

  2. Can’t Radmanovich at least hobble around for 5-10 minutes?

  3. I had that thought about Vlad the other day Nivrag. It was when his teammates left the bottle of Go Girl energy drink in his locker. Was there a subtle message in that friendly prank?

    As for Morrow and Maggette, it feels as if management may be gently stacking the odds against this team that has refused to quit.

  4. But Vlad’s still under warranty, right? I mean can’t we send him back to Charlotte?

    Achilles problems aren’t trivial, but it’s hard not to wonder what’s going on. What’s going to happen to him? I can’t see how he fits in next year in any scheme. Does he have any trade value (salary dump)?

    I thought George was a salary dump trade — but look what he’s done the last weeks.