Stephen Curry, Rookie of the Year

I believe that Stephen Curry is the only correct choice for NBA rookie of the year.  My arguments are posted in this piece on Golden State of Mind.  Comment here or there as you like, I will be checking both.

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  1. Very nice analysis and I agree. However, the argument that Reke is not a true PG shouldn’t matter, this is ROY not R-PG-OY. A great way to compare the two side by side is the watch the NBA highlight video of each player. Curry’s vid has a variety of passes, drives and shooting and all dazzling. Reke’s are all but one or two drives to the hoop-nice but it gets boring.

  2. Ape, you convinced me that I did a poor job spelling that out. See what you think now.

  3. Nailed it. Evans is not a great PG and not a great SG. Maybe he’s truly an undersized SF.

  4. Okay, Felt, I hope you comment on the Portland game.

    Not just the ME/SC scoring, but also that whole fourth quarter situation. Nothing ever seen in the history of the NBA, right?

    Please tell me you saw it…

  5. Curry could have put up more numbers like those of last night and it wouldn’t have influenced win/loss much at all, if any. But he didn’t try to and this was not the team’s plan. He was invested in being a point guard and getting his team going. And I would argue that he just has to step on the court to get things going. Heads, hands up guys — the ball’s coming your way and you’re going to get a chance to score. His spirit is infectious.

    Number of times Curry was ejected (6 fouls) and returned to the game: 1! Beat that, Tyreke.

  6. Nice stat, Nivrag!

    Brytex, I’m too exhausted to recap the Portland game, but I did post a comment in the previous thread. Great game to watch. Loved it.

  7. Curry is Rook of the Month for April…his chances just got a little bit better for ROY.

  8. Why Tyreke should NOT get rookie of the year:

  9. Smacks of desperation :>

  10. It seems that a lot of people over at GSoM didn’t get my point about Tyreke Evans not being a point guard. It’s simply this: a productive 2-guard, which is what he is, is far less valuable than a productive point guard.

    Think about it this way (fantasy baseball players should get this immediately): If you have an outfielder that hits 20 homeruns, what do you have? Not much. But if you have a shortstop that hits 20 homeruns, then you have the makings of a dominant team.

    Similarly in the NBA, if you have a 20 point scorer at off-guard, what do you have? Nothing special. But if you have a true point guard that averages 20 points as well, your team is going to be very, very difficult to beat.

    Its about MARGINAL production.

  11. Good piece by Jordan Schultz on Curry:

    Most intriguing is this comment:

    He is just 22, but Curry’s versatility to be a high-level scorer and top-notch facilitator are as scintillating as any young player in the league. Even more, he is the type of kid that can lure potential free agents away from other teams because of the effect he can have as the lead guard. Just like Steve Nash or Jason Kidd, Curry is already developing the reputation as a player’s point guard, the kind of guy everyone loves to play with.

  12. Some nice SC pieces there…getting me all tingly inside!