Playoff Previews: Bobcats v. Magic, Suns v. Blazers, Hawks v. Bucks

Bobcats v. Magic

Bobcats are +2.  My previous bet in the face of Jackson’s hyper-extended knee was stubborn.  The Bobcats need a healthy Jackson to contend in this series, and he’s clearly not that.  Brown is giving him help in defending Carter, and that’s killing the team’s defense.

Van Gundy also made a nice decision in putting Matt Barnes, a terrific defender, on Jackson, and leaving Gerald Wallace guarded by Vince Carter. Brown did a poor job trying to exploit that mismatch in the last game.  The Bobcats’ offense, which already lacks shooters, is in the tank.

Under normal circumstances I would love the Bobcats against this line. These aren’t normal circumstances.  No bet.

Suns v. Blazers

Nate McMillan’s inability to cope with a simple playoff adjustment is simply staggering.  He is allowing Alvin Gentry to get away with playing Grant Hill on Andre Miller by refusing to focus his offense on attacking Steve Nash and Jason Richardson.

But all of that might not even matter now that Nicholas Batum is injured. He is too key a player on both ends of the court for the already short-handed Blazers to be able survive his loss.

Blazers are +2.  They might win this game, but this series is finished.  No bet.

Hawks v. Bucks

The Hawks are +1 in this game.  Can someone explain that line to me?  I guess the public doesn’t feel they should be favored in an away game.

I disagree.  Joe Johnson figured out how to play Brandon Jennings in the last game (force him right).  The Hawks are superior at every position.


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