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Did Don Nelson get the player he wanted?

Don’t answer until you check out this profile of Udoh.  I note several characteristics of a quintessential Don Nelson player.  First of all, “he has an incredible basketball intelligence.” Secondly, he has a love of doing the dirty work, which is something Nellie desperately wants from his four, and which has been sadly lacking in both Brandan Wright and Anthony Randolph.  Third, he has versatility, or as Nellie puts it, the ability to do more than one thing well.

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I Smell a Blockbuster Coming.

The Warriors just traded Corey Maggette and his huge contract for Charlie Bell and Dan Gadzuric, who has an expiring contract.  Beyond freeing up time and possibilities for Kelenna Azubuike, Reggie Williams and Anthony Morrow, this trade also has the effect of giving the Warriors flexibility to trade for the impact big man Nellie has always coveted.

This is what I smell cooking:  Some combination of Biedrins, Randolph, the expiring contracts of Gadzuric and Vlad Rad, and the #6 pick in a sign and trade for…

Amare Stoudemire.

Showdown in Tinseltown: Celtics @ Lakers Game 6 Preview

I’ve posted this preview on Golden State of Mind.

Triangle Collapses, Celtics Square Series + Lakers @ Celtics Game 3

I’ve posted this piece on Golden State of Mind.

Celtics @ Lakers Game 2 Preview

If you like the Celtics in this matchup, THIS is the game you want to bet. Getting a straight 6 points now.  Me, I’m staying away.

There are a lot of adjustments the Celtics can make to play better in this game. Getting Pierce onto Kobe from the start of the game is number one.  Going to Ray Allen against Derek Fisher again and again and again is also important. (Rivers has to make the Lakers pay for putting Kobe on Rondo.)  Using pick and roll to free Pierce from Artest’s clutches.  Rondo being more assertive.

But it might not matter, because Kevin Garnett doesn’t look right.

Lakers Roll in Game 1: Lakers 102 Celtics 89

If you’re a Celtics fan, you have to be concerned by what you saw in this game.  The Lakers looked like the better team.  Here are my thoughts on why the Lakers look so different from the 2008 team that was dominated by the Celtics:

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2010 NBA Finals Preview: Boston Celtics v. LA Lakers

Celtics  +160

Lakers  -180

Two correct calls in the Conference Finals have got me back in the black for these playoffs, although it would have been better if I hadn’t hedged my Celtics bet in the last game.  C’est la vie, I think it was the right play, and in sports wagering as well as in poker, all you can do is make the right play.  You can’t control that river card.

Now what to do in these Finals?  The pundits seem to agree that this time around the Lakers have what it takes to beat the Celtics. They point to the fact that the Lakers have added Andrew Bynum and Ron Artest to the core that faced the Celtics in 2008. They think Pau Gasol is now “tougher,” and that the Lakers now “know what it takes” to win in the finals.  They think the Celtics are going to miss a couple of key bench players from the 2008 Finals, Leon Powe and James Posey.

I’m not so sure. Jump for my opinion of the key factors in this series:

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