Celtics @ Lakers Game 2 Preview

If you like the Celtics in this matchup, THIS is the game you want to bet. Getting a straight 6 points now.  Me, I’m staying away.

There are a lot of adjustments the Celtics can make to play better in this game. Getting Pierce onto Kobe from the start of the game is number one.  Going to Ray Allen against Derek Fisher again and again and again is also important. (Rivers has to make the Lakers pay for putting Kobe on Rondo.)  Using pick and roll to free Pierce from Artest’s clutches.  Rondo being more assertive.

But it might not matter, because Kevin Garnett doesn’t look right.

2 Responses to Celtics @ Lakers Game 2 Preview

  1. Dave, feel like some Strato? Teams open in my winter league. Email the commish Dave at dsmacph@shaw.ca for more info. Love the blog.

  2. Thanks Jim, good to hear from you. I left Facebook, it was beginning to weird me out.

    Not sure I have time for Strato in the winter, but thanks. More of a fantasy player.