I Smell a Blockbuster Coming.

The Warriors just traded Corey Maggette and his huge contract for Charlie Bell and Dan Gadzuric, who has an expiring contract.  Beyond freeing up time and possibilities for Kelenna Azubuike, Reggie Williams and Anthony Morrow, this trade also has the effect of giving the Warriors flexibility to trade for the impact big man Nellie has always coveted.

This is what I smell cooking:  Some combination of Biedrins, Randolph, the expiring contracts of Gadzuric and Vlad Rad, and the #6 pick in a sign and trade for…

Amare Stoudemire.

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  1. I think Amare’s erased the doubts many had about his health when the Dubs were talking trade this time last year. However, does anything make you think he WANTS to play here? Having a player give a half-ass effort for max dollars for years sounds worse than where we are now.

    I think there is a possibility the Warriors will trade down to acquire a 3 with some size. Houston seems to have a glut at 3. The #6 for Ariza and their 14th which could easily turn out to be a very good player, perhaps even a big like Aldrich or Patterson on the face of it sounds like a good move.

  2. Regardless, I like your trade idea with the exception of including Randolph…

  3. Don’t trade Anthony Randolph,pleaseeeeeeee

  4. Please don’t trade A.Randolph

  5. OregonGuy, not a bad piece of strategy. I don’t see anyone in this draft being a can’t miss star in the making. Trading down makes a lot of sense, yet my gut says the Warriors won’t do it.

    The guy I like is Paul George. He can shoot, ball handle, and great jumps to his game. Would look great in any up-tempo style. A player you could definitely still pick up a bit later in the first round. And he seems like a good kid with his head screwed on the right way.

    Personally, I’ve never been a big fan of Stoudamire. Would rather hold on to Randolph and take my chances he eventually develops into the player many believe possible. And even if Randolph wasn’t involved I still wouldn’t go after AS. Has always been an over-hyped player, IMO.

    So many changes are going to take place over the next year that it’s impossible to predict what’s next for this organization. Hopefully, the owners, coaches, and players will finally give Warriors fans what they’ve long deserved…….a REALLY good team for many many years to come.

  6. Something’s cooking.

    “We’re not flopping in the wind,” Riley said. “I have some different objectives I want to accomplish with the roster. This trade doesn’t mean the next domino is going to fall.

    “There are opportunities for us to see if the right scenario does take place. I don’t know that we’ll get it done, but I know we’ll work at it.”


  7. Not real happy with losing Maggette for the second coming of Acie Law and Radmanovic, but you got to admit Riley’s not sitting around saying ‘Woe is us’, he’s showing some balls.

    I do hate the loss of the high second rounder. 2 million sounds like a lot, but it’s not money in MY pocket and throwing a bag of cash on the court instead of a player won’t help the team win. Rich men pushing money around…what fan cares about that? I would rather have a shot at the next Monta.

  8. I guess this means Maggette won’t have a chance to play center any more?

    But perhaps this is a good break for him, playing between Bogut and Jennings, and maybe for a playoff team?

    On the pain index, did any other player give us as much? I’ll miss him. But this should open up things for Reggie Williams, and Tolliver, if he comes back. And that contract. . . .

    I like Amare, but:

    1. How much gas does he have left in the tank?

    2. What kind of support would he have up front and on the bench, considering the players that would probably be in the trade? He won’t be able to carry the whole load himself.

    3. Would a veteran have as much incentive to play hard for a possibly non-playoff team?

  9. Do you really think this is a non-playoff team if the Warriors add a PF of Stoudemire’s stature?

    As for the 2nd rounder OG, since the Warriors’ bench is stacked with talented Dleaguers, that pick likely wouldn’t make the team. I think it was a savvy move. Note that they moved the later pick anyway in the Maggette deal.

  10. You’re a better man than I am, Felty, if you can make any sense of what Riley said. The man was speaking gibberish, even claiming he was misquoted in his own team’s press release.

    I had thought Riley knew what he was doing, but now my opinion is on hold until the next shoe drops. It better be something good. Maggette was a scoring machine, a real pro, a better defender than given credit for, and was a solid character guy, which the young team has needed. I am going to miss him.

    Amare? Not a character guy. Decided to play last season only after the trade deadline. Matador defense. Ineffective offense against the Lakers big guys.

    I’ve been one of the optimists about the Warriors future (and got ripped for it), but I’m not a happy camper right now.

    Your move, Larry.

  11. Bear in mind, MWLX, that Riley is little more than a front man for Nellie. That at least is my opinion. Nobody blows smoke better than Nellie, and that apparently is what Riley has been doing, while maintaining the appearance of being accessible. But I really believe that the Maggette trade was part of positioning the team to have room to sign an impact big man.

    The other interpretation is that the Warriors are simply involved in a fire sale, as was reported on GSoM. I just don’t buy that. Why would a decimated team, albeit under the cap, be more attractive to a buyer than a playoff contender?

  12. basketball for dummies

    Beware of the “Contract year”

    Like your idea except for the above concern

  13. “Why would a decimated team, albeit under the cap, be more attractive to a buyer than a playoff contender.”

    The new owner will probably want a flexible roster to build and mold the way they want. My guess is any new owner(s) will have some serious doubts about this roster, considering their performance the past two seasons. The new owner(s) don’t want all of their cap space and roster flexibility spoiled by three players — Maggette, Ellis, Biedrins — who they don’t think are good enough to lead the team out of its current malaise. The new owner(s) probably believe the best thing to do to help this team is get rid of those contracts and start over with a plan centered on building around the best young point guard in basketball, Stephen Curry.

  14. I don’t see a sign and trade for long contract prior to new ownership. It is far more likely that Biendrin may be packaged with the draft pick and/or one expiring contract for Tayshon Prince or Kenyong Martin or ?.

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  16. “The new owner will probably want a flexible roster to build and mold the way they want.”

    Jared —

    How exactly would this happen, since there isn’t an owner yet? I assume this means some discussions between GS and prospective (likely) owners?

  17. Riley stated last night that he has been asked to and has met with various perspective buyers or their reps. Regardless, Cohan wants to make the team more attractive with more of a blank canvas than a completed Picasso. From the new logo, to dumping of Magette to attempting to move other long term contracts is a planned effort to present the team as ready for a new direction.

  18. I can’t help wondering if the the last weeks of the season didn’t help influence these decisions. Look what we can do with Curry and a handful of D-leaguers!

    Wow, they’re putting a load on Curry next year.

  19. Jared, I just don’t believe it is rational to feel that Monta and Biedrins are not valuable based on the last 2 years performance. The problem has been with the rest of the team, and their injuries, not their play when healthy.

    There are a couple of possible reasons why Biedrins and Monta might be traded:
    1) Monta doesn’t want to be here, as continues to be rumored.
    2)Biedrins will never be fully healthy again. (If he has osteitis pubis as reported that’s a strong possibility)
    3) Or, of course, for a big time power forward.

    But I just don’t buy the scenario that they will be dumped for salary reasons. Makes no sense to me at all.

  20. The question becomes is the team more valuable with Monta and/or Andres or, in their place, expiring contracts?

  21. With the draft pick of Udoh at PF, I’m wondering, Felty, if you’ve correctly smelled a blockbuster but picked up the wrong scent. With the Maggette trade, we have a hole at the 3. It it possible that the crafty Nelson and Riley, with new owner money, might actually be able to go after a free-agent 3 soon to be available, namely……………LBJ?

    Would it be attractive for said 3 to play with the great passer Curry at the 1, the athletic Monta at 2, a trio of athletic 4s, and some decent 5s, all in front of great fans?

    Go ahead, tell me I’m dreaming. I know, I know….

  22. You know MWLX, if Lebron joined this team, with Nellie coaching, I’d think it would be a better team than last year’s Cavs, by far. Lebron was made for the open court.

    Having said that, I put the chances of Lebron coming here at less than zero.

    It does seem clear that the roster is unbalanced, and not ready for the regular season. Which is why I smell something cooking.

  23. After reading this thread, I just looked at that picture of Amare at the top of the article…Whew! When was the last time the Warriors had somebody who could do that with a basketball?

  24. The Warriors now need a center and small forward not a offensive power forward. Wright and Udoh will do just fine at the power forward position. Wright supplying the offense, Udoh the defense.