David Lee to Warriors? Playoffs, baby!

The move for an impact big man for which Nellie has been angling for two years appears to be close to fruition.  Marcus Thompson reports that the Knicks and Warriors are close to a deal that would send Anthony Randolph and a couple of lesser Warriors for David Lee in a sign and trade.

My initial reaction is Whoopee!  I could barely believe that we might land Lee for Monta Ellis, but if we can land him while retaining Monta I believe that we are an instant playoff team, and are in for an incredibly exciting season.

I will expand on this if the trade actually goes down, but here’s a thumbnail of my feelings about Lee: An exceptional pick and roll partner for Stephen Curry, a relentless rebounder, and a very underrated defender, who I believe simply needs to be paired with a shot blocker — as opposed to being left on an island in the middle (as he was by the Knicks) — in order to become recognized as a good defender.  And finally, finally, a power forward who will gladly accept the assignment to bang with the Gasols and Duncans of the league.  Finally.

If the trade goes down as reported, the Warriors will still have shotblockers  to pair with Lee.  Biedrins and Udoh at the least.  Assuming of course, that Udoh is healthy by the start of the season.  (Will these ridiculous injuries ever stop?)

5 Responses to David Lee to Warriors? Playoffs, baby!

  1. Yes, I am ready to give up on Anthony Randolph’s potential in order to have a legit 4 in his prime. I had to swallow hard on this one but there, I’ve said it, to be pointed out by all my detractors who think I am an idiot and just needed proof. Lets do it.

    Did I read that Udoh got injured in practice today? Shee-it! If that’s not a bad omen what is?

  2. OregonGuy – Unfortunately, yes, you did read that Udoh injured his wrist in a workout a couple days ago. He will miss Summer League.

    Feltbot – I hope you’re right about Lee’s defense being underrated. I haven’t really seen him play, so going by what everyone else is saying, the words is that his defense is weak.

  3. Steph and David would have to make up:

  4. Randolph is so young I hate letting him go. In time he could be the next Pau Gasol. BUT, I really like David Lee. Unless you’re Miami (assuming that LBJ heads south), I guess you can’t have your cake and eat it too.

    Here’s an interesting read from ESPNNewYork.


  5. No question Lee is a huge upgrade over Randolph. Hate losing Turiaf. But it kills me to see Azubuike go, and who is going to play the 3? Enlighten us, Felty.