My mind is spinning.  I am beside myself with this trade.  Overjoyed.  There is so much that I want to say about it, and I would love nothing better than to stay up until 4:00 AM saying it in this space.  But I can’t.  My priority right now is fulfilling my life long dream, and that is winning the poker tournament in which to date I have never finished better than in 18th place: The World Series of Poker Championship Event.  Day 2a starts tomorrow at noon, and I’m going to be there, rested, focused and primed to rampage.

If I manage to survive day 2, I will get another day off before day 3 begins.  And then I will say what I need to say, about the merits of this trade, about the great and visionary NBA lifer who made it happen, and about the legions of ill-educated and vicious national and Bay Area writers whose credibility this trade has irrevocably destroyed.

I will say this before I return my focus to dominating the field in my poker tournament.  This trade will go down as one of the great moments in the history of the Golden State Warriors franchise.  And in the Bay Area, and indeed in the country, there was exactly one journalist/blogger who knew it would happen, who understood why it would happen, and who predicted it would happen, steadily and faithfully, through two of the most hellish seasons any team has ever suffered.  One.

You’re reading him.

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  1. IQofaWarrior

    If you check my front page fanshot about Randolph’s reaction to the trade, you’ll see that Randolph finally showed signs of “getting it”, that he needs to improve his IQ and not rely solely on his athleticism. Whether he does improve or not, only the NY Knicks will see. But it was a little sad to see AR at least saying that he needs to improve his brain.

  2. You could be right about this trade being one of the great moments in Warrior history. I like how this trade helps the team in clearing out a glut of rotation players. Meaning a team can only find minutes for 8 or 9 and the Warriors had 12 worthy rotation players. It also creates a spot or two for Hunter, Tolliver or the next ‘find’ in summer/D league. The TEAM is definitely better.

    IQW, I read your fanshot and it was a nice article. Randolph’s reaction was exactly what one would expect of a 20 year old kid having his world suddenly turned upside down. And you could tell someone on the Warriors had been working on his head by his comment he needed to improve his basketball IQ. I wish the guy the best, and hope he becomes a marquee player. But that’s the rub. I HOPE he becomes a marquee player. Lee is what the team needs RIGHT NOW.

  3. OK, Feltbot. Win that damn poker tournament and get back to work.

    Lee’s contract is ridiculous — but as we saw last week, it is the going rate. There was no way the Warriors got anyone from Boozer on up. And if they didn’t get Lee, would there have been any other good options? I suspect not. In which case the best decision would have been to stand pat, rather than put a lot of bucks and contract years into a player who might not work out well, just to appease fans. But if they didn’t do anything, everyone would criticize the FO for not doing anything again.

    In short, the FO may have done something right here. Credit, too, for not forcing a bad trade last season.

    This is cold, but we also traded three players coming off serious injuries. I don’t know sports medicine, though, or what can be expected. Turiaf especially concerned me — rest didn’t seem to be doing his knee much good last season. (I loved watching him play.) I hope, of course, they all recuperate and have fine careers.


    I don’t know the game that well, or Randolph, but he could look brilliant one moment and clueless the next. Anybody know precedents, players like him who show promise and finally figure it out? But “getting it” is not necessarily that easy, just a matter of practice and determination.


    Other than a possibility in the Lee trade, I haven’t heard about him elsewhere in any trades, which should give him a few things to think about. I’ve always been on the critical side of him, but respect his character and tremendous talent. One thing’s certain: he’s not going to have to carry the team this year, as he probably felt he had to last. His question now is how do I fit in. I’m glad they kept him — they’ll need the scoring and his determination.

    Curious to see how all this plays out.

  4. P.S. — You’ll need to get a new picture for your header. I’m especially curious about the guy on the right. Steinmetz said the sale could take months. Does it make sense to change coaches preseason or later? And if they do change, who, exactly, is out there? Coaches, like centers and power forwards, are not in strong supply.

    This is a Nelson team. I hope he gets a shot with it.

    Dunleavy in the FO?

  5. I usually like and a agree with the commentary at this site but those last two paragraphs were a bit much horn-tooting.

    Also, not all bay area writers are bad. I enjoy reading MTII and Steinmetz, and find their perspective balanced. Let’s call a spade a spade: there is one writer in particular who is over the top.

    Agree about national writers though; they seem to just read Tim K. and then parrot his stuff.

  6. I agree with Bleep. Except he says’ “let’s call a spade a spade” then doesn’t.

    But you must be practicing for your tournament – bluffing wildly while keeping a straight face. I never once saw you advocating a trade for “Mister” Anthony Randolph and a subset of fans on a couple of blogs have long ago suggested the acquisition of Lee – particularly at the last Trade Deadline.

    Arguing that this is a good or even great trade is one thing, pretending that you alone dreamed it up is stupid talk.

  7. Crap. We lost Morrow to NJ.

  8. He’s a restricted FA. Warriors could match if they wanted.

  9. WheresMyChippy


    I don’t think he’s saying that he predicted this trade, but that his current prediction (of this trade being great and being remembered by Warriors fans for years to come as a great day) will be recognized in the future as a wise prediction.

  10. Chippy – I’m responding to his last paragraph. He pretty much claims that he foresaw it, predicted it, supported it etc alone among all people.

  11. Gnossos, I would think that someone with your (great) handle would have a more flexible mind. I’m not claiming that I knew the Warriors would get David Lee specifically; I didn’t. What I knew was that Don Nelson was not happy playing small ball lineups, that he wanted badly to fix the Warriors gaping hole at the 4 with a legitimate veteran who was an all-around Don Nelson basketball player, that he was capable of getting management to pay the money if he found his man, and that the Maggette trade was specifically targeted at getting his man.

    I have been predicting this into a raging cacophony of negativity, completely alone, for over two years. For those of you who think I’m tooting my own horn, you’re damn right. This is a glorious moment for Don Nelson, the Warriors, and for those true Warriors fans who know and love great basketball.

    And I’m going to glory.

    On a side note, I finished day 2 at the WSOP with 80k. I have 2 days to rest up before day 3 commences with the combined field on Monday. So it’s probable I’ll get up something on the trade between now and then.

  12. Well, I’m happy for your success in your tournament.

    Thanks for your clarification. When I reread your last main paragraph for the third time I vaguely see that by “it” you meant a trade would be made that will reconfigure the franchise and play into the strengths of the players that the Warriors want to keep and build with. “It” does not refer to any specifics of this particular trade.

    In my defense I will say that your phrasing has a certain ‘Clintonian’ structure to it and was not easy to comprehend but nevertheless I do apologize for my faulty interpretation of what was there. Looking forward to your elaboration on the trade when you have the time.

  13. It is refreshing to see someone get pumped for the Warriors for a change.

    Dorell Wright? And I assume this means they won’t match Morrow (my thought above).

    I’m a sentimental slob. I get attached to these guys. I wish they kept Turiaf just so we could see his reactions on the bench.

  14. Dorell Wright vs. Tolliver is my question. I assume this means he’s out as well?

  15. I’m currently live tweeting the NBA summer league warriors v pistons game @feltbot

  16. David Lee:

  17. Here’s a quick Dorell:

  18. Thanks, Nivrag, and sorry to sandbag you: I’ve combined my comments into a new post and deleted them here. Would you mind moving the video to the next thread? Thanks!

  19. Kind of funny how you toot your own horn and talk smack about other bay area writers and yet you hide behind the name ‘Feltbot’. Pretty weak.