Two Wrights and a Roster

Doesn’t look like I’m going to be able to post on the Lee trade until after the tournament; apologies to those who have been checking back for it.  I just have too much to do on my days off here: friends to catch up with, summer league games to catch.  And of course, the matter of returning my focus to where it’s needed most.  Several posts on the Warriors moves are coming soon, though, I promise.  I have too much to say to dog it.

Regarding the latest move to sign Dorell Wright, and let Anthony Morrow walk:  Again, as with the Lee trade, I am ecstatic, and again, I’ll post more on this later.  I can sum up my feelings on this “trade” quite simply:  Anthony Morrow, not an NBA player (sorry).  Dorell Wright, NBA PLAYER.

Morrow cannot guard anyone in this league.  He is WAY too slow to guard 2s.  And he’s undersized against 3s.  On offense, he’s almost strictly a specialist.  He’s deadly when open, but he cannot get his shot when he’s closely guarded.  Can’t rise over them, can’t dribble around them. Which means he will never be anything but a complete bust in the playoffs.  Love him as a man, but that’s been my analysis and remains my analysis.

DWright is the antithesis of Morrow.  A 6-9″ athlete who plays above the rim.  Runs the floor.  Highlight reel dunker.  Highlight reel shot blocker.  FANTASTIC ON THE BALL DEFENDER.  Shoots the three (38%).  A youngster about to come into his own.

Could someone please post a video of Wright here? (And thanks for the Lee videos!)  A word of advice:  Don’t watch the video unless you have a strong heart.  Mine is beating like mad:

The Warriors have their roster, and for the first time in the second Don Nelson era, it is complete.  This is a playoff team.

Thank you, Don Nelson.

A postscript on Brandan Wright:  I saw him up close (courtside) at the Ws summer league game yesterday, where he was the focus of the Ws offense.  I was not impressed.

Wright can jump out of the building.  He will always be a fantastic finisher on the break, and on the offensive boards.  He also has developed a decent short (10′) turnaround jumper as a counter when he can’t go left.  That’s the good news.

The bad news is that all of the problems that plagued him 2 years ago still remain.  Terrible handle.  Terrible court vision. Terrible decision-making.  No range on his shot, and HE WILL NOT DEVELOP RANGE.  Just trust me on this: his free throws, when they spin at all, spin sideways.  They’re knuckleballs.  Brandan Wright is not a three, and he will never be a three.

I am also on record as not believing that Wright is an NBA four (check out my pre-season player evaluations for more on this).  He’s undersized still, and still has a very obvious aversion to contact.  He has no instinct for rebounding.  Never rebounds in fact unless the ball literally drops on his head.  He appeared to have neither the desire nor ability to make an impact in yesterday’s game.  I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again (adding my voice to Jackson’s and Turiaf’s and Smart’s):  No Heart.  Or as Nellie puts it, he just doesn’t “get it.”

Which of course leads me to Nellie’s comment in last years’ training camp that BWright was his best power forward.  As a veteran Nellieologist, I am as a result of watching this putrid BWright performance convinced that Nellie made that comment to 1) light a fire under Anthony Randolph; and 2) light a fire under opposing GMs.

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  1. Darell again, a quickie:

  2. Dorell Wright — sorry. Also something about nude photos. And this:

  3. IQofaWarrior

    Yeah, even watching from the stream, BWright isn’t an aggressive fighter for rebounds. On one shot, while he watched the shot being taken, an opposing player ran by him to get better rebounding position. The shot ended up bouncing the opposite way, but that doesn’t excuse BWright for not aggressively boxing out and letting someone get by him for better rebounding position.

    I also don’t understand why the Silas is playing BWright so far out in the perimeter? He seems better playing closer to the basket and posting up and going for a hook shot. Summer League experimentation?

    Otherwise, I’m still willing to chalk up his timidness to fear of injury and being absent from real playing time for so long.

  4. WheresMyChippy

    I disagree about Morrow. It’s still possible the dubs can retain him even with Dorell Wright and I think they should.

    Morrow has slowly improved in all those areas you mentioned and is definitely an NBA player.

    Can’t create his own shot? What about all those low post turnaround fadeaways he goes to when he gets a mismatch against someone shorter? (which could happen a lot as Monta’s backup, not Wright’s.)

    Obviously defense is his weak spot but he has been improving and if used wisely (as you have mentioned before) can be a net positive with his offensive contributions. (Especially with DWright, Lee, and Biedrins behind him)

    I’m just really going to miss getting to stand up and raise my arms in celebration AS he is receiving a pass and hoisting a three, because you just KNOW it’s going in!

  5. I agree with your assessment of Morrow — awful defense, mediocre basketball IQ, not a clutch shooter late in close games.

    But Dorell Wright’s DUI arrest only four months ago is worrisome. I’d like to believe the Warriors did their due diligence about the kid. These guys drafted out of high school sometimes grow up, sometimes they don’t.

    Ideally, another “piece” is in the offing for the wing position, someone built like Maggette or Azubuike. We need some muscle.

  6. Preliminary report: Udoh might be out 4-6 months.
    (I don’t know if I can take another year of this. . . .)

  7. I think it is a bit too soon to evaluate Wright. He didn’t play at all last year. Probably concentrating on getting the rust out. Saw the live feed — he looked like he had a lot on his mind, taking real contact for the first time probably since the injury. I’ll reserve judgment until the fall.

    I sort of agree with you WheresMyChippy — Morrow can improve and is a hard worker, which is a real talent in the NBA. That one major reason why Nash is so good — he just works harder off the court than most other players.

    But signing Morrow doesn’t really fit anymore. With the limited space they have left before the tax, it’s either Morrow or Watson (or another backup point), and Watson fills a need better.

  8. WheresMyChippy

    True. Morrow’s work-ethic is something big I forgot to mention. If it comes down to Watson or Morrow I guess we have to go with Watson, but I think it might be possible to keep both which would be very nice.

    Curry – Watson/Williams
    Monta – Williams/Morrow
    DWright – Morrow/Tolliver?
    Lee – BWright/Udoh/Tolliver?
    Beidrins – Udoh/Gadz

    Keeping my fingers crossed!

  9. I think Williams will get a lot of his minutes at SF. I see DWright getting 20 min.

  10. Summer league:

    Who are these guys?

    No, seriously. Who are these guys?

  11. Matt Steinmetz interviews David Lee. Overall, I don’t have a problem with Steinmetz, but this session was not one of his greatest pieces of work. On the other hand, Lee just continues to impress me with his character and poise. Can’t wait to watch him play with GSW.

  12. Thanks for the links guys.

  13. I agree BWright, not a rebounder but a shot blocker and his long arms to help him grab a few steels. I also agree about Morrow, he’s a great practice player but not an NBA gamer. Reggie Williams is a gamer. I predict he will be comig off the bench for D Wright and it will be hard to get him off the floor.

  14. I disagree with you regarding Morrow. Although he does not drive well to the basket and his defense is less then average, as everyone knows, he is a terrific shooter. And although in many games other players didn’t pass him the ball and he just stood around, over the course of the season, I was surprised to find that the Warriors played better when he was on the court then when he was not on the court.

    The only reason the Warriors should not re-sign him is if the Warriors know they going to obtain a better all-around player, and this is irrespective of the Warriors obtaining D. Wright to play SF.

    Although Reggie Williams can also play SF, I want him to remain at SG, and for the Warriors to obtain another SF with height.

  15. Warriorsworld interviews Don Nelson

  16. Sources said the Warriors have had conversations with free-agent power forward Anthony Tolliver, but no deal is imminent.

    Read more:

  17. I read somewhere Atlanta was interested as well.
    I hope they keep him. He’s a solid player who can fill in a lot of slots, in the event we have slots to fill.

  18. With Udoh out 6 mos., and down a big in the Lee trade, I think we definitely need some more bigs.

    Anyone heard anything about Chris Hunter?

  19. That’s him on the Knicks summer league roster?

  20. (forgot to log out of WordPress)

    Why wouldn’t Tolliver be on a summer league team — somewhere?

  21. Nivrag, maybe its because his agent feels there’s already enough interest in him to get a contract.

    I just busted out of the WSOP in sick fashion, basically on the money bubble. The hand is on Twitter @ feltbot.

  22. It was a queen that fell on the river?

    Crapola. I was hoping you’d make it so we could get you to stand us for drinks home opener.

  23. Warriorsworld and Larry Riley

  24. Thanks, Nivrag. Yes, it was a queen of clubs on the river. And I would have stood those drinks too!

    Headed to Phoenix to visit Mr. and Mrs. feltbot for a few days, then back to the beautiful bay and blogging.

  25. While we wait for Ellison to make it official he’s buying the Warriors, here’s Dan LeBatard opening his Friday show from Miami.

  26. Dorell Wright comments about his new team.

    “I am really excited about this opportunity with the Warriors,” said Wright. “I have always been a big proponent of Golden State’s up-tempo style and I think that my ability to play defense with my length and athleticism will prove to be a valuable addition to the team as well. I was very fortunate to play with a tremendous backcourt teammate in Miami the last several years and I’m really looking forward to playing with Monta Ellis, Stephen Curry and, of course, David Lee, who I am very familiar with as an All-Star from the Eastern Conference. It’s a solid team and it will be fun to watch us compete.”

  27. Larry Riley’s moves keep looking better all the time. If giving Al Harrington $34 million isn’t insanity……that’s one more team you can cross out for next season.

  28. Took a look at the ‘Wright from Beasley’ video posted above by Nivrag (thanks, by the way) and in those few seconds Wright did five things: Blocked the shooter, came down with his feet in position to either snag the loose ball or sprint up-court, immediately released when he saw a teammate could get the ball, showed terrific speed, and scored.

    I’m impressed.

  29. OG,

    Well done! I missed all that.

  30. The ultimate glass half-full guy writes about GSW.

    The West is looking less-scary with each passing trade/signing by other teams. Combine that with the aging of key players (Nash, Duncan, etc) and I think the Warriors could quickly rise to a top 8 team if they continue on their present path being paved by Larry Riley. It sounds like Tolliver might be back, which, IMO, would be yet another good move by management. One worry I do have is what happens if the sale goes through very shortly? Will the new owner immediately throw his weight around and make wholesale changes? I’d really like to see Nelson coach this group this season, along with Riley remaining as GM.

  31. Correction: Should read “ultimate glass half-empty guy”. Anyone familiar with Ray Ratto knows he’s Mr. Gloom-and-Doom of Bay Area sportswriters.

  32. You know, I’ve never been able to figure out that half-full/half-empty phrase. It’s the same f’n’ thing! Where did you hear they’re signing Tolliver? Another good move.

    Hey, Feltbot. Where’s your promised tome on the Lee acquisition?

  33. Currently visiting my folks, and trying to clear visions of black queens from my disordered mind. I’ll be back home in a few days and ready to rumble.

  34. B. Wright is a gamer. His shooting 54% from the field when healthy means that he has earned being on the court.

    However, I would play him more at the SF position rather then as PF because he is not a great rebounder but can get out on the break.